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Comparative Study of Fine Needle Aspiration and Fine Needle Capillary Sampling of Thyroid Lesions
OBJECTIVE To investigate whether fine needle capillary (FNC) sampling gives quantitatively and qualitatively superior cytologic material as compared to the conventional technique of fine needleExpand
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Rhinosporodiosis. Diagnosis by scrape cytology.
OBJECTIVE To determine the utility of the simple technique of scrape cytology for obtaining a morphologic diagnosis of Rhinosporodium seeberi. STUDY DESIGN The study included nine patientsExpand
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Efficacy of a modified Ultra Fast Papanicolaou (UFP) stain for breast aspirates.
The chief limitation of Ultra Fast Papanicolaou (UFP) stain, suggested by Yang and Alvarez (1995), is that, Richard Allan Haematoxylin (RA-H) and Richard Allan Cytostain (RA-C), used in the stainingExpand
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Interobserver Agreement in the Reporting of Cervical Biopsy Specimens Obtained From Women Screened by Visual Inspection With Acetic Acid and Hybrid Capture 2
Visual inspection with acetic acid (VIA) and human papillomavirus detection have sensitivity higher than cytology but lower specificity. The high false-positive rate of either test poses a challengeExpand
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Ultrafast Papanicolaou Stain Modified for Developing Countries: Efficacy and Pitfalls
Objective: To study the efficacy of the ultrafast Papanicolaou (UFP) staining technique for immediate cytologic diagnosis, to check specimen adequacy during radiologically guided fine needleExpand
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Evaluation of Fine Needle Capillary Sampling in Superficial and Deep-Seated Lesions
OBJECTIVE To study the efficacy and merits of a simplified cytologic technique of fine needle capillary (FNC) sampling in 670 cases. STUDY DESIGN FNC sampling was tested on a consecutive series ofExpand
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Cytomorphology of subcutaneous cysticercosis. A report of 10 cases.
The findings of fine needle aspiration cytology (FNAC) of subcutaneous cysticercosis are described. Nine patients had a single subcutaneous nodule. One patient had multiple skin and cerebral nodulesExpand
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Improvement of the Mair scoring system using structural equations modeling for classifying the diagnostic adequacy of cytology material from thyroid lesions
The scoring system developed by Mair et al. (Acta Cytol 1989;33:809–813) is frequently used to grade the quality of cytology smears. Using a one‐factor analytic structural equations model, weExpand
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