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Monitoring urban growth and land use change detection with GIS and remote sensing techniques in Daqahlia governorate Egypt
Abstract Urban growth is a worldwide phenomenon but the rate of urbanization is very fast in developing country like Egypt. It is mainly driven by unorganized expansion, increased immigration,Expand
Monitoring Bridge Deformation Using Auto-Correlation Adjustment Technique for Total Station Observations
Bridges are omnipresent in every society and they affect its human, social, ecological, economical and cultural aspects. This is why a durable and safe usage of bridges is an imperative goal ofExpand
De-noising of GPS structural monitoring observation error using wavelet analysis
In the process of the continuous monitoring of the structure's state properties such as static and dynamic responses using Global Positioning System (GPS), there are unavoidable errors in theExpand
Monitoring of bridge deformation using GPS technique
Tianjin Yonghe Bridge is one of the important infrastructures in China where it serves as the crucial links in the transport network. Monitoring and maintenance of this bridge are essential tasks inExpand
GPS-structural health monitoring of a long span bridge using neural network adaptive filter
The results indicate that the proposed neural network with the adaptive filter model can be used to de-noise the GPS health monitoring signals and the bridge is very safe under different loads. Expand
Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm-Extreme Learning Machine (PSO-ELM) Model for Predicting Resilient Modulus of Stabilized Aggregate Bases
Stabilized base/subbase materials provide more structural support and durability to both flexible and rigid pavements than conventional base/subbase materials. For the design of stabilizedExpand
Using Total Station for monitoring the deformation of high strength concrete beams
ABSTRACT The movements of an engineering structure, which serves the human life of today’s modern world, are exhibiting safe behaviours. Building structures have moved to high-rise, large span andExpand
Multi input–single output models identification of tower bridge movements using GPS monitoring system
Abstract In this paper, RTK-GPS system was used for movement data collection. Two identification models namely; Multi input–single output (MISO) robust fit regression and Neural NetworkExpand
Recent Advances of Structures Monitoring and Evaluation Using GPS-Time Series Monitoring Systems: A Review
This paper presents the recent development in Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) applications for monitoring the dynamic behavior of structures using the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) technique.Expand