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Research priorities for neotropical dry forests
Our understanding of the human and biophysical dimensions of tropical dry forest change and its cumulative effects is still in the early stages of academic discovery. The papers in this specialExpand
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Leaf area index measurements in a tropical moist forest: A case study from Costa Rica
The role of tropical forests in sustainable development mechanisms and payments for environmental services is becoming increasingly important. Therefore, there is a greater need for accurate andExpand
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Baseline assessment for environmental services payments from satellite imagery: a case study from Costa Rica and Mexico.
In this study we evaluate the accuracy of four global and regional forest cover assessments (MODIS, IGBP, GLC2000, PROARCA) as tools for baseline estimation. We conduct this research at the nationalExpand
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Secondary Forest Detection in a Neotropical Dry Forest Landscape Using Landsat 7 ETM+ and IKONOS Imagery1
We integrate forest structure and remotely sensed data for four successional stages (pasture, early, intermediate, and late) of a tropical dry forest area located in the Sector Santa Rosa of theExpand
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Species composition, similarity and diversity in three successional stages of a seasonally dry tropical forest
Abstract The objectives of this study were to describe the floristic composition, species diversity, similarity and richness among three stages of forest regeneration, and to investigate theExpand
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Effects of Season and Successional Stage on Leaf Area Index and Spectral Vegetation Indices in Three Mesoamerican Tropical Dry Forests1
We compared plant area index (PAI) and canopy openness for different successional stages in three tropical dry forest sites: Chamela, Mexico; Santa Rosa, Costa Rica; and Palo Verde, Costa Rica, inExpand
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Differences in leaf traits, leaf internal structure, and spectral reflectance between two communities of lianas and trees: Implications for remote sensing in tropical environments
article i nfo Increasing dominance of lianas in many tropical forests is considered a fingerprint of global environmental change. Despite the key role they play in ecosystem functioning, lianasExpand
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Need for Integrated Research for a Sustainable Future in Tropical Dry Forests
In the context of ecosystem conservation, tropical dry forests have received little or no attention compared with their next-door neighbors, the tropical rainforests. This lack of conservation effortExpand
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Tropical dry forest succession and the contribution of lianas to wood area index (WAI)
The transmission and interception of light through the canopy is an important indicator of forest productivity in tropical forest ecosystems, and the amount of light that eventually reaches theExpand
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Structure from motion will revolutionize analyses of tidal wetland landscapes
Abstract Ecosystem services of tidal wetlands depend upon hydrology and vegetation, which in turn vary with elevation differences on the order of centimeters. Variability on such a fine scale is notExpand
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