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The effects of fishing on marine ecosystems
ABSTRACT We review the effects of fishing on benthic fauna, habitat, diversity, community structure and trophic interactions in tropical, temperate and polar marine environments and consider whetherExpand
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Marine Fisheries Ecology
1. Marine fisheries ecology: an introduction2. Marine ecology and production processes3. Fished Species: life histories and distribution4. Population structure in space and time5. Fishing gears andExpand
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Global analysis of response and recovery of benthic biota to fishing
Towed bottom-fishing gears are thought to constitute one of the largest global anthropogenic sources of disturbance to the seabed and its biota. The current drive towards an ecosystem approach inExpand
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A quantitative analysis of fishing impacts on shelf-sea benthos.
1. The effects of towed bottom-fishing gear on benthic communities is the subject of heated debate, but the generality of trawl effects with respect to gear and habitat types is poorly understood. ToExpand
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Chronic bottom trawling alters the functional composition of benthic invertebrate communities on a sea-basin scale
Bottom trawling causes widespread physical disturbance of sediments in seas and oceans and affects benthic communities by removing target and non-target species and altering habitats. One aspirationExpand
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Chronic fishing disturbance has changed shelf sea benthic community structure
Summary 1. Bottom fishing using towed nets and dredges is one of the most widespread sources of physical disturbance to the continental shelf seas throughout the world. Previous studies suggestExpand
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Modification of marine habitats by trawling activities: prognosis and solutions
Fishing affects the seabed habitat worldwide on the continental shelf. These impacts are patchily distributed according to the spatial and temporal variation in fishing effort that results fromExpand
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Cumulative impacts of seabed trawl disturbance on benthic biomass, production, and species richness in different habitats
Bottom trawling causes widespread disturbance of sediments in shelf seas and can have a negative impact on benthic fauna. We conducted a large-scale assessment of bottom trawl fishing of benthicExpand
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The effects of beam-trawl disturbance on infaunal communities in different habitats
Beam-trawling is a source of physical disturbance to marine sedimentary communities in areas less than 50m deep, on the western European continental shelf. Chains attached between the beam-trawlExpand
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Survival of by-catch from a beam trawl
The passage of a beam trawl across the seabed leads to the direct mortality, or indirect mortality through subsequent predation, of some benthic species. In addition, animals retained in, or thoseExpand
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