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In the Nature of Cities: Urban Political Ecology and the Politics of Urban Metabolism
Forward David Harvey Part 1 The Production of Urban Natures and Urban Political Ecology 1. Introduction Erik Swyngedouw, Nik Heynen and Maria Kaika 2. Sylvan City: The social production of urbanExpand
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The Water Framework Directive: A New Directive for a Changing Social, Political and Economic European Framework
This article examines the intricate process of developing the European Union's Water Framework Directive. It sees the Directive as a response to recent economic, political and social changes relatedExpand
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Interrogating the geographies of the familiar: domesticating nature and constructing the autonomy of the modern home
This article studies the western bourgeois home, and argues that its social construction as a familiar, autonomous, safe, private haven is predicated not only upon the exclusion of undesired socialExpand
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Dams as Symbols of Modernization: The Urbanization of Nature Between Geographical Imagination and Materiality
The article offers an analysis of the iconography and symbolism of dam constructions at three levels: first, as embodiments of the dialectics between geographical imaginations and material practicesExpand
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The EU Water Framework Directive: part 1. European policy‐making and the changing topography of lobbying
This paper is a history of the making of the European Union's Water Framework Directive (WFD). It will be followed by a second paper, which analyses the relationship between the innovations of theExpand
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Constructing Scarcity and Sensationalising Water Politics: 170 Days That Shook Athens
This paper examines the drought that hit Athens between 1989 and 1991 and analyses the role of this natural phenomenon as the “ferment” for ongoing political-economic transformations in the directionExpand
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Urban water: a political-ecology perspective
This paper explores a political-ecological perspective on the relationship between urbanization, sustainability, and the production and distribution of urban water. The focus is on theExpand
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‘Mortgaged lives’: the biopolitics of debt and housing financialisation1
The paper expands the conceptual framework within which we examine mortgage debt by reconceptualising mortgages as a biotechnology: a technology of power over life that forges an intimateExpand
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‘Don’t call me resilient again!’: the New Urban Agenda as immunology … or … what happens when communities refuse to be vaccinated with ‘smart cities’ and indicators
The Habitat III Conference’s New Urban Agenda hails a “paradigm shift” for pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). However, the new call for “safe, resilient, sustainable and inclusiveExpand
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