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Prevalence of hypodontia and hyperdontia in paedodontic and orthodontic patients in Budapest.
Various publications have reported the prevalence of accessory teeth to be between 1 and 3%. In contrast, hypodontia has a much higher prevalence. In the current work, the authors studied OPExpand
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Effects of amine and stannous fluorides on plaque accumulation and gingival health in orthodontic patients treated with fixed appliances: a pilot study.
AIM The aim of this pilot study was to evaluate the effects of different use of amine and stannous fluoride (AmF/SnF2)- containing toothpaste with and without a mouthrinse (Meridol®) on plaqueExpand
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[Prevalence of impacted permanent upper canine and its treatment in 11-18-year-old orthodontic patients].
Data of literature show very high prevalence of impacted upper permanent canine. The aim of the present study was to evaluate prevalence of retentioned or impacted upper permanent canines and toExpand
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[Frequency of supernumerary teeth and possibilities of treatment].
According to dental literature, the frequency of supernumerary teeth is 1-3%. The authors analyzed the orthopantomograms of 1875 children and adolescents aged between 6 and 18 years to determine theExpand
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[Retention and relapse. Review of the literature].
The retention after orthodontic intervention is just as important part of the therapy as the activ treatment. It is difficult to find statistical data about the frequency and the average degree ofExpand
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[Unilateral space-creating extraction in orthodontics].
  • M. Kaán
  • Computer Science, Medicine
  • Fogorvosi szemle
  • 1 November 1994
Space maintaining extraction on one side is a controversial point in orthodontics, yet relevant references in literature are only few and far between. Expand
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Clinico-morphological and histological studies of the foveola palatina.
The occurrence of foeveola palatina was studied in 264 patients. The distance of the foveola palatina from the papilla incisiva and palatinal raphe was measured. Light and electron microscopicExpand
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[Speech characteristics of persons wearing full upper and lower prostheses].
We've taken under comparative examination the phonation of people having full upper and lower dentures and the ones having normal teeth. We've tested twenty 51 to 65 years old persons having theirExpand
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[Indications for preventive removal of impacted third molars].
The impacted third molars are clinically important due to the pathological alterations caused by them. It is important from orthodontic viewpoint, that during their development the anomalies combinedExpand
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