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Tonsillectomy by Cold Dissection and Coblation Techniques: A Prospective Comparative Study
Patients with chronic and recurrent tonsillitis who underwent surgery in Group 2 (coblation) showed better outcome when compared to Group 1 (dissection and snare method) and the duration of surgery was less in Groups 1 and 2.
To Evaluate the Role of H. pylori in Patients with Chronic Recurrent Tonsillitis
It was revealed that H. pylori did not significantly colonize the tonsils and does not play a role in the pathogenesis or development of chronic tonsillitis.
Quality of Life in Patients with Nasal Septal Deviation After Septal Correction
It can be concluded that Septal Correction as a surgical procedure is still relevant in today’s World for symptomatic betterment and for a healthier lifestyle.
Comparative Study Between Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Using Microdebrider and Conventional Techniques with It’s Impact on Pulmonary Function Tests: A Randomized Control Trial
There was a statistically considerable difference in the FEV1 values in microdebrider ESS than conventional ESS, which is considered superior when the authors have to address the coexistence of lower airway diseases along with CRS.
A Comparative Study in the Management of Chronic Rhinosinusitis by Nasal Douching with Hypertonic Saline vs Isotonic Saline
It was found that hypertonic saline solution is more efficacious than isotonic saline solution in the treatment of patients with chronic rhinosinusitis.