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Calibration of an automatic network analyser using transmission lines of unknown characteristic impedance, loss and dispersion
Two new methods of measurement correction using network analysers are introduced. These methods not require the use of elaborate calibration standards and may be used for measurement at other thanExpand
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Calibration of microwave network analyser for computer-corrected S parameter measurements
A new method of calibration that uses three shortcircuits (one direct and two offset short-circuits) enables the scattering parameters of the error network to be evaluated, and makes corrected measurements of the reflection coefficients possible without requiring the use of matched terminations. Expand
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U.H.F. tunnel-diode amplifier
The paper is mainly devoted to a detailed account of the design of the reflection amplifiers for use in a tunnel-diode repeater described in a companion paper. The amplifiers are constructed inExpand
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Simple resonator method for measuring dispersion of microstrip
The method uses the resonant frequencies of a simple straight microstrip resonator, short-circuited at both ends. It is excited by passing a current through one of the short circuits. Graphs ofExpand
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Collector-base capacitance of high frequency integrated bipolar transistors
A method of obtaining the correct emitter junction capacitance Cb'e from the measured device parameters is presented. This method is shown to apply to integrated bipolar transistors having fT ≃ 2.5Expand
Automatic General-Purpose Microwave Circuit Analysis Programs
The panel members were asked to respond to the Editor's question, given below. Expand
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Repeatability of computer-corrected network-analyser measurements of reflection coefficients
Practical results relating to the accuracy of 100 sets of repeated reflection-coefficient measurements using a computer-corrected network analyser are given. Expand
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Some advantages of silicon transistors in circuit design
After transistors had been used for industrial instrumentation within the Development and Engineering Group of the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority for some years, silicon transistors wereExpand
Surface-resistance measurements of thin conducting films at 10 GHz
The letter describes a technique for calibration of an H011 cavity for surface-resistance measurements of thin-film and bulk samples at 10 GHz. After calibration and insertion of the sample, it isExpand
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Short-hop radio-relay systems using tunnel-diode repeaters
The first part of the paper considers the properties and design requirements of short-hop radio-relay systems; in particular, systems using nondemodulating, nonfrequency-changing repeaters. It isExpand
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