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Metabolic rate and respiratory gas-exchange patterns in tenebrionid beetles from the Negev Highlands, Israel.
This study correlates the pattern of external gas exchange with the diel activity of nine species of tenebrionid beetle from the Negev Desert, Israel. The study species are active throughout theExpand
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Behavioral thermoregulation is used by tortoises (Family Testudinidae) to moderate the effects of daily and seasonal fluctuations in ambient temperature on their body temperature. Extensive use isExpand
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Population Structure and Density of Leopard Tortoises (Geochelone Pardalis) on Farmland in the Nama-karoo
Abstract The Leopard Tortoise (Geochelone pardalis) is the largest of the southern African species and has a wide distribution encompassing a variety of habitats. There is a paucity of ecologicalExpand
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Home Range and Daily Movement of Leopard Tortoises (Stigmochelys pardalis) in the Nama-Karoo, South Africa
Abstract Seasonal shifts and overlap in home range are poorly known in the Leopard Tortoise (Stigmochelys pardalis). Consequently, these, together with daily distance moved, were investigated in theExpand
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Novel case of a tenebrionid beetle using discontinuous gas exchange cycle when dehydrated
Abstract In this study we show a link between the respiratory method and state of hydration in an arid dwelling tenebrionid beetle (Pimelia grandis). Dehydrated beetles use discontinuous gas exchangeExpand
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Thermoregulation in leopard tortoises in the Nama-Karoo: The importance of behaviour and core body temperatures
Abstract Despite being ectotherms, reptiles have an ability to thermoregulate which is enhanced by adopting a variety of behavioural mechanisms. Different behavioural postures, the use of retreatExpand
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Isolation of new nonsense and frameshift mutants in the immunoglobulin μ heavy-chain gene of hybridoma cells
In order to expand the experimental material available for genetic and biochemical analyses of the natural immunoglobulin genes, we have isolated a variety of mutant mouse hybridoma cell lines. SomeExpand
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Thermal variability in body temperature in an ectotherm: Are cloacal temperatures good indicators of tortoise body temperature?
Abstract Historically, studies of reptilian thermal biology have compared ambient temperatures (Ta) to body temperatures (Tb) from the animal under study, with Tb usually taken from the cloaca andExpand
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Digestive parameters and water turnover of the leopard tortoise.
Leopard tortoises (Stigmochelys pardalis) experience wide fluctuations in environmental conditions and unpredictable availability of food and water within the Nama-Karoo biome. It was hypothesisedExpand
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Seasonal and daily activity patterns of leopard tortoises (Stigmochelys pardalis Bell, 1828) on farmland in the Nama-Karoo, South Africa
The leopard tortoise (Stigmochelys pardalis) is the largest of southern Africa’s 13 tortoise species, and occurs in a variety of habitats from arid and semi-arid areas to mesic grassveld, savanna andExpand
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