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FBF-NN-based modelling of cylindrical plunge grinding process using a GA
Abstract In order to make a machining process cost effective as well as to assure the desired objective(s), it is important to find the optimal machining parameter(s) in considering all relatedExpand
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Effect of Thermomechanical Processing on the Microstructure and Properties of a Low Carbon Copper Bearing Steel
A boron treated copper bearing HSLA steel containing austenite formers like manganese and nickel, somewhat lower in amount than that in HSLA 100 variety of steel is chosen for the study. The role ofExpand
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Kohonen Network Modelling for the Strength of Thermomechanically Processed HSLA Steel
Primarily from the point of view of improvement of yield strength due to additions of niobium, titanium and boron in HSLA steels, the experimental steels are divided into five classes. The data areExpand
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Petri neural network model for the effect of controlled thermomechanical process parameters on the mechanical properties of HSLA steels
The effect of composition and controlled thermomechanical process parameters on the mechanical properties of HSLA steels is modelled using the Widrow-Hoff's concept of training a neural net withExpand
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Investigation of structural and optical properties of ZnO thin films of different thickness grown by pulsed laser deposition method
Abstract In this paper, we investigated the effect of film thickness on structural, surface morphology and optical properties of ZnO thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) method.Expand
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Prediction of grinding power and surface finish - a GA-fuzzy approach
Grinding, a complex surface finishing process, is used to generate a smooth surface on the job using a wheel. Expand
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Influence of minor additions on characteristics of Cu–Al–Ni alloy
AbstractThe aluminium and nickel contents of Cu–Al–Ni alloy are varied to relate the parent phase chemistry to its shape memory behaviour. Rare earth and grain refining elements (titanium, zirconium,Expand
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Effect of Ag Ion Implantation on SPR of Cu-C60 Nanocomposite Thin Film
Cu-C60 nanocomposite thin films are synthesized by co-deposition restive heating method on glass, silicon, and TEM grid substrates. Rutherford backscattering spectroscopy (RBS) analysis is used forExpand
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Ion track diameter in fullerene C70 thin film using Raman active vibrational modes of C70 molecule
Abstract The effect of energy deposition in fullerene C 70 (∼150 nm) thin film deposited by resistive heating method on glass, quartz and silicon substrates was investigated. The samples wereExpand
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Effect of cold work and trace rare-earth additions on the aging behavior of Al-Cr alloys containing zirconium
Abstract Precipitation behavior during aging of a cold-worked aluminium chromium alloy containing zirconium has been investigated by electron microscopy transmission. The effect of trace rare-earthExpand
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