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Data Driven Authentication: On the Effectiveness of User Behaviour Modelling with Mobile Device Sensors
We propose a lightweight, and temporally and spatially aware user behaviour modelling technique for sensor-based authentication. Operating in the background, our data driven technique comparesExpand
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Authenticated Multi-Party Key Agreement
We examine key agreement protocols providing (i) key authentication (ii) key confirmation and (iii) forward secrecy. Attacks are presented against previous two-party key agreement schemes and weExpand
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Personal choice and challenge questions: a security and usability assessment
Challenge questions are an increasingly important part of mainstream authentication solutions, yet there are few published studies concerning their usability or security. This paper reports on anExpand
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Designing and evaluating challenge-question systems
  • M. Just
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Security & Privacy Magazine
  • 1 September 2004
The author describes a framework for designing user authentication systems with challenge questions that includes privacy, security, and usability criteria for evaluating a candidateExpand
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Resisting Malicious Packet Dropping in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Most of the routing protocols in wireless ad hoc networks, such as DSR, assume nodes are trustworthy and cooperative. This assumption renders wireless ad hoc networks vulnerable to various types ofExpand
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On key distribution via true broadcasting
We consider true broadcast systems for the secure communication of session keys. These schemes provide for parallel rather than serial construction of broadcast messages, while avoiding selectiveExpand
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What ’ s in a Name ? Evaluating Statistical Attacks on Personal Knowledge Questions
We study the efficiency of statistical attacks on human authentication systems relying on personal knowledge questions. We adapt techniques from guessing theory to measure security against a trawlingExpand
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Why aren't Users Using Protection? Investigating the Usability of Smartphone Locking
One of the main reasons why smartphone users do not adopt screen locking mechanisms is due to the inefficiency of entering a PIN/pattern each time they use their phone. To address this problem weExpand
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On the security and usability of dual credential authentication in UK online banking
  • M. Just, D. Aspinall
  • Computer Science
  • International Conference for Internet Technology…
  • 2012
This paper presents the results of a security and usability review of the authentication implementations used by more than 10 UK banks. Our focus is on their use of dual text credentials that combineExpand
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Pictures or questions?: examining user responses to association-based authentication
Challenge questions are commonly used as a backup should users forget their "main" authentication secret. Such questions are notoriously difficult to design properly, and have sometimes allowedExpand
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