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Anti-Alzheimer’s Studies on β-Sitosterol Isolated from Polygonum hydropiper L.
β-sitosterol is a potential compound for the management of memory deficit disorders like AD and behavioral and molecular docking studies support the possibility as a potential anti-Alzheimer's agent.
Synthesis and molecular docking studies of potent α-glucosidase inhibitors based on biscoumarin skeleton.
This study has identified a new class of potent α-glucosidase inhibitors, based on the binding interactions of biscoumarin derivatives with the enzyme, that are applicable to the treatment of diabetes.
Vacuolating cytotoxin A (VacA) - A multi-talented pore-forming toxin from Helicobacter pylori.
Recent findings and advances on structure-function relations of the H. pylori VacA toxin are discussed, in particular with a view to membrane channel formation, oligomerization, receptor binding and apoptosis.
Flavonoids as Prospective Neuroprotectants and Their Therapeutic Propensity in Aging Associated Neurological Disorders
Flavonoids can thwart the progression of age-related disorders and can be a potential source for the design and development of new drugs effective in cognitive disorders.
Synthesis, in vitro evaluation and molecular docking studies of thiazole derivatives as new inhibitors of α-glucosidase.
A series of thiazole derivatives 1-21 were prepared, characterized by EI-MS and (1)H NMR and evaluated for α-glucosidase inhibitory potential and studies showed these thiazoles analogs as a new class of α- glucoside inhibitors.
Phenolic contents, antioxidant and anticholinesterase potentials of crude extract, subsequent fractions and crude saponins from Polygonum hydropiper L
The results indicate that P. hydropiper is enriched with potent bioactive compounds and warrant further investigation by isolation and structural elucidation to find novel and affordable compounds for the treatment of various neurological disorders.
Discovery of novel oxindole derivatives as potent α-glucosidase inhibitors.
A series of 6-chloro-3-oxindole derivatives 1-25 were synthesized in high yields by the reaction of 6-chlorooxindole with different aromatic aldehydes in the presence of piperidine. All the
Cancer Immunoinformatics: A Promising Era in the Development of Peptide Vaccines for Human Papillomavirus-induced Cervical Cancer.
This review is a complete collection of the most beneficial online and user-friendly immunological tools, servers, and databases for the design and development of the peptide vaccine.
Structural insights into the mechanism of RNA recognition by the N-terminal RNA-binding domain of the SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid phosphoprotein
Per-residue energy decomposition analysis suggests that residues T57, H59, S105 and R107 are the key hotspots for drug discovery, and these residues may be useful as potential pharmacophores in drug designing.
Heavy metals analysis, phytochemical, phytotoxic and anthelmintic investigations of crude methanolic extract, subsequent fractions and crude saponins from Polygonum hydropiper L
Different fractions exhibited phytotoxic and anthelmintic activites comparable to control drugs, thus provide pharmacological basis for ethnomedicinal uses of this plant.