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The effects of dexamethasone on fibronectin expression in cultured human trabecular meshwork cells.
Topical administration of glucocorticoids to the eye can lead to the development of ocular hypertension. This increase in intraocular pressure is caused by the heightened resistance to flow ofExpand
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Aortic lathyrism and atheroma in the rat by prolonged hyperlipidic diet.
Constant, deep, extensive aortic atheroma can be induced in rats that are athero-resistant. Two main factors are involved in this experimentation: (1) Parietal alteration following chronicExpand
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Aortic lathyrism: ultrastructural study of lesions in the aortic wall and the protective effect of pyridinol carbamate.
Electron-microscopic examination of aortas of rat treated orally and chronically with β-aminopropionitrile (BAPN) has shown progressive lesions in the elastic framework. This is associated withExpand
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Fibroblast changes in cutaneous ageing
With ageing there are progressive modifications in the connective tissue of the dermis. In ten young subjects the collagenous bundles are thick and the fibroblasts are active cells in close contactExpand
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Chronic lathyrism and atheromatosis in the rat
Temporary chronic administration of Beta-amino-propionitrile (B.A.P.N.) produced morphological and biochemical changes of the aortic wall of rat as well as abnormalities of the plasma lipid levels. AExpand
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Identifying arteriosclerosis and aortic atheromatosis by skin biopsy.
Summary Photonic and ultrastructural examination of skin biopsies accurately reflect the condition of vascular walls. A normal skin type 0 is the equivalent of normal vessels, while skin types II andExpand
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Chronic lathyrism. Effect of beta aminopropionitrile on the aortic wall in the adult rat.
Summary BAPN did not have the same effect in weaning and adult rats. The BAPN was inactive on the aortic wall of adult rat but it induced clinical symptoms and severe aortic partietal lesions in theExpand
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Fine structural evidence of increased endothelial permeability in chronic lathyrism
The endothelium of the thoracic aorta of Wistar rats intoxicated with Beta-Aminopropionitrile (BAPN) for 9 weeks was studied. The animals were sacrificed at intervals, from the first to the 9th weekExpand
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