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A Matter of Life and Death: Exploring Conceptualizations of Sociomateriality in the Context of Critical Care
  • M. Jones
  • Sociology, Computer Science
  • MIS Q.
  • 1 September 2014
Sociomateriality has been attracting growing attention in the Organization Studies and Information Systems literatures since 2007, with more than 140 journal articles now referring to the concept. Expand
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Service Quality: Concepts and Models
The service sector has assumed greater economic importance over the past decade. The latest statistics show that the sector accounts for 60 per cent of the value added in the European EconomicExpand
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Scientific workflow management and the Kepler system: Research Articles
We introduce Kepler, a scientific workflow system, currently under development across a number of scientific data management projects. Expand
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Too close for comfort? Distance and engagement in interpretive information systems research
In this paper, we seek to explore the implications of the assumptions underlying interpretivism for the preferred relationship between the researcher and the research phenomenon. Expand
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Managing Innovation in Construction
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Parameterizing Behavior Trees
We describe a way by which behavior trees can be authored for acting upon functions with arguments, as opposed to being limited to nonparametric tasks. Expand
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Kepler: an extensible system for design and execution of scientific workflows
Most scientists conduct analyses and run models in several different software and hardware environments, mentally coordinating the export and import of data from one environment to another. TheExpand
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Socio-Theoretic Accounts of IS: The Problem of Agency
A long-standing debate in the IS literature concerns the relationship between technology and organization. Expand
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Designing in the dark: the changing user-developer relationship in information systems development
Better theoretical conceptualization of the dynamic relationship between developers and users in systems development is needed to understand how this relationship shapes and is shaped by, various constraints. Expand
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