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Freshwater rock pools: a review of habitat characteristics, faunal diversity and conservation value
SUMMARY 1. In the light of the recent surge of interest in small and often temporary wetlands as model systems for ecological and evolutionary research, this article reviews current knowledge onExpand
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Successional phases and species replacements in freshwater rock pools: towards a biological definition of ephemeral systems
Summary 1. In temporary aquatic habitats, time is probably the dominant environmental factor affecting community composition, mainly by setting constraints on colonization success and theExpand
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Species sorting in space and time—the impact of disturbance regime on community assembly in a temporary pool metacommunity
Abstract Ecosystems generally are not stable over long periods of time and are subject to disturbances of different frequencies and intensities. As a result, natural communities usually are not inExpand
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Evolution of endemism on a young tropical mountain
Tropical mountains are hot spots of biodiversity and endemism, but the evolutionary origins of their unique biotas are poorly understood. In varying degrees, local and regional extinction,Expand
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Climatic control of dispersal–ecological specialization trade‐offs: a metacommunity process at the heart of the latitudinal diversity gradient?
We outline the potentially important role of dispersal in linking diversity patterns at different spatial and temporal scales, and the resulting potential to link hypotheses explaining macroscaleExpand
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Toward a Global Phylogeny of the “Living Fossil" Crustacean Order of the Notostraca
Tadpole shrimp (Crustacea, Notostraca) are iconic inhabitants of temporary aquatic habitats worldwide. Often cited as prime examples of evolutionary stasis, surviving representatives closely resembleExpand
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Local structuring factors of invertebrate communities in ephemeral freshwater rock pools and the influence of more permanent water bodies in the region
We used three isolated clusters of small ephemeral rock pools on a sandstone flat in Utah to test the importance of local structuring processes on aquatic invertebrate communities. In the threeExpand
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Hydrological stability drives both local and regional diversity patterns in rock pool metacommunities
A main challenge associated with macro ecological gradients such as the latitudinal diversity gradient (LDG) is that proxies of potential underlying processes are often correlated at large scales.Expand
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Faunistics of ephemeral rock pools in southeastern Botswana
Abstract: Rock pools on granite outcrops occur worldwide and are poorly studied,despite their intrinsic biological interest. In semi-arid Botswana, such habitats occurmainly on the granite outcropsExpand
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Pools "on the rocks": freshwater rock pools as model system in ecological and evolutionary research
Pools 'on the rocks': freshwater rock pools as model system in ecological and evolutionary research Rock pools inarguably exhibit a number of characteristics which make them attractive as a modelExpand
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