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Nuclear And Particle Physics
Part 1: Nuclear Physics 1. The atomic nucleus. 2. Experimental techniques. 3. General properties of nuclei. 4. Nuclear models. 5. Decay of unstable nuclei. 6. Nuclear reactions. Part 2: ParticleExpand
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A Study of coherence of soft gluons in hadron jets
Abstract We study the inclusive momentum distribution of charged particles in multihadronic events produced in e + e − annihilations at E CM ∼ M (Z 0 ). We find agreement with the analytical formulaeExpand
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A determination ofαs( $$M_{Z^0 } $$ ) at LEP using resummed QCD calculations
AbstractThe strong coupling constant, αs, has been determined in hadronic decays of theZ0 resonance, using measurements of seven observables relating to global event shapes, energy correlations andExpand
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Measurement of the τ lifetime
AbstractThe τ lifetime has been measured with the OPAL detector at LEP, from analyses using the impact parameters in decays to single charged tracks, and the decay lengths from τ decays to threeExpand
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A study of two-particle momentum correlations in hadronic Z0 decays
Abstract We report on a measurement of two-particle momentum correlations in hadronic decays of the Z 0 at LEP. These data are compared with recent analytic QCD calculations based on the summation ofExpand
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Test of CP-invariance in e+e−→Z0→τ+τ− and a limit on the weak dipole moment of the τ lepton
Abstract Using a sample of 5558 Z 0 → τ + τ − decays produced at LEP a direct test of CP -invariance in the neutral current reaction e + e − → τ + τ − is performed. Samples of events where eachy τExpand
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Measurement of the Z0 mass and width with the opal detector at LEP
Abstract We report an experimental determination of the cross section for e+e− → hadrons from a scan around the Z0 pole. On the basis of 4350 hadronic events collected over seven energy pointsExpand
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The OPAL detector at LEP
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Angular momentum in quantum mechanics as a group study topic
A largely practical approach to the teaching of angular momentum in quantum mechanics at the undergraduate level is described. In an intensive seven week period towards the end of their final year,Expand
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A direct measurement of theZ0 invisible width by single photon counting
The OPAL detector at LEP is used to measure the branching ratio of theZ0 into invisible particles by measuring the cross section of single photon events ine+e− collisions at centre-of-mass energiesExpand
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