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Solitons and Infinite Dimensional Lie Algebras
Introduction §1. Fock Representation of gf(°°) §2. T Functions and the KP Hierarchy §3. Reduction to A[" §4. Fermions with 2 Components §5. Algebras B^ and Co §6. Spin Representation of J&TO §7.
A printing blanket and method of making same is provided wherein such blanket comprises a base structure, a surface layer made of a fluorocarbon elastomer, and a binder layer comprised of a
A q-analogue of U(g[(N+1)), Hecke algebra, and the Yang-Baxter equation
We study for g=g[(N+1) the structure and representations of the algebra Ŭ(g), a q-analogue of the universal enveloping algebra U(g). Applying the result, we construct trigonometric solutions of the
QuantumR matrix for the generalized Toda system
We report the explicit form of the quantumR matrix in the fundamental representation for the generalized Toda system associated with non-exceptional affine Lie algebras.
Monodromy Problem and the Boundary Condition for Some Painlevé Equations
Introduction The Painleve transcendents and their generalizations have aroused much interest among mathematicians and mathematical physicists in recent years ([l]-[8]). Yet their properties as
A q-analog of the sixth Painlevé equation
A q-difference analog of the sixth Painlevé equation is presented. It arises as the condition for preserving the connection matrix of linear q-difference equations, in close analogy with the