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Honey bee colony collapse disorder (Apis mellifera L.) - possible causes.
Honey bee (Apis mellifera L.) is the most studied insect pollinator in the world, due to its extremely important role in the plant reproduction. More than 80% of agricultural crops in the world areExpand
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Contemporary Issues of Sustainable Rural Development: International Approaches and Experiences of Eastern Europe and Russia: Monograph
Growing attention is paid by economists worldwide to research and assessment of economic sustainability. The relevance of ensurance of sustainable development is explained by the necessity to provideExpand
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Development of Long-term Relationships with Clients in Financial Sector Companies as a Source of Competitive Advantage 1
Relationship marketing represents the concept which gives long term dimension to consumer’s role and importance, because it has in its focus loyalty development and long term cooperation andExpand
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Specifics of the Assessment of the Market Value of Various Categories of Pigs on Farms in Serbia
Business entities from the field of agriculture oriented to livestock production, in daily activities, during the decision making process, may find in situation that in relatively short period ofExpand
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Agricultural Economics and Rural Development: Realities and Perspectives for Romania
The present volume is the collection of the conference papers presented on The 2nd International Symposium Agricultural economics and rural development. Realities and perspectives for Romania,Expand
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Providing enough amounts of food, for fast growing world population, is one of the largest problem of modern society. The data from Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO,Expand