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Hydrocarbons and the evolution of human culture
Most of the progress in human culture has required the exploitation of energy resources. About 100 years ago, the major source of energy shifted from recent solar to fossil hydrocarbons, includingExpand
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Renewable and nuclear electricity: Comparison of environmental impacts
Given the widely acknowledged negative impacts of fossil fuels, both on human health and on potential climate change, it is of interest to compare the impacts of low carbon alternative energy sourcesExpand
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Accelerating the transition to sustainable energy systems
The slow pace of transition to sustainable energy systems is the result of several factors running in parallel. The starting points are very low. Even 30% per annum increases in rated capacity (forExpand
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Sustainable energy development: performance and prospects
Concerns about sustainability, and the harsh realities of environmental catastrophe, can be traced back at least 4000 years. This paper points out how human pressures on the surrounding environmentExpand
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Shot-noise limited detection for surface plasmon sensing.
It is demonstrated that surface plasmon sensing can be performed in the shot-noise-limited regime to resolve index of refractive changes on the order of 10-10/√Hz at input powers of 1 mW. ThisExpand
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Automated Polar Ice Thickness Estimation From Radar Imagery
This paper focuses on automating the task of estimating Polar ice thickness from airborne radar data acquired over Greenland and Antarctica. This process involves the identification and accurateExpand
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Forecasting the limits to the availability and diversity of global conventional oil supply
Due to the critical importance of oil to modern economic activity, and oil’s non-renewable nature, it is extremely important to try to estimate possible trajectories of future oil production whileExpand
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Shell scenarios: What really happened in the 1970s and what may be learned for current world prospects
Abstract Much of the discussion of past scenario development in business has centred on Shell's pioneering work in the 1970s. This paper examines more closely what was done and published, drawing onExpand
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Exploring the production of natural gas through the lenses of the ACEGES model
Due to the increasing importance of natural gas for modern economic activity, and gas's non-renewable nature, it is extremely important to try to estimate possible trajectories of future natural gasExpand
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