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CMS regional calorimeter trigger high speed ASICs
The CMS regional calorimeter trigger system detects signatures of electrons/photons, taus, jets, and missing and total transverse energy in a deadtimeless pipelined architecture. Expand
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Off-line algorithms for Routing, Modulation Level, and Spectrum Assignment in elastic optical networks
We formulate RMLSA as an Integer Linear Programming (ILP) problem and propose an effective heuristic method called Adaptive Frequency Assignment - Division and Collision Avoidance (AFA-DCA) to be used if the solution of ILP is not attainable. Expand
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The ZEUS calorimeter first level trigger
In order to separate the interesting physics events from the background without unmanageable deadtime, the ZEUS experiment uses a pipelined trigger and data acquisition system. Expand
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On the Resonant Frequency of a Reentrant Cylindrical Cavity
A new efficient method determining the resonant frequency of a reentrant cylindrical cavity is suggested. The method is based on solving the Helmholtz equation within two cavity regions and matchingExpand
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An Accurate Solution of the Cylindrical Dielectric Resonator Problem
A cylindrical sample of low-loss high-epsilon/sub r/, dielectric placed between two parallel conducting plates perpendicular to the sample axis forms a microwave resonator. A new method ofExpand
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The significance and impact of the Polish Anti-tobacco Law
By the end of the 1980s Poland was at the brink of a health catastrophe. Cardiovascular diseases and lung cancer mortality steadily increased and were among the highest ever observed in the world.Expand
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Fluxon dynamics in an exponentially shaped Josephson junction
Dynamical properties of an exponentially shaped Josephson junction are investigated theoretically using a simple one-dimensional model described by a modified sine-Gordon equation. An approximateExpand
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The structure of cyclohexane, F-, Cl-, Br- and I-cyclohexane
Abstract The ground state, r0, and the average, r∗ , structures of cyclohexane were determined from the recently reported rotational constants for several isotopic species of cyclohexane. TheseExpand
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Dielectric resonator-based resonant structure for sensitive ESR measurements at high-hydrostatic pressures.
We present a newly developed microwave probe head that accommodates a gasketed sapphire anvil cell (SAC) for performing sensitive electron spin resonance (ESR) measurements under high-hydrostaticExpand
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