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Benefits, Adoption Barriers and Myths of Open Data and Open Government
In this article, based on data collected through interviews and a workshop, the benefits and adoption barriers for open data have been derived. Expand
Motives for establishing shared service centers in public administrations
We take a narrower view on the position of a SSC than some other authors to avoid semantic confusion concerning the interpretation of sourcing arrangements. Expand
Challenges and obstacles in sharing and coordinating information during multi-agency disaster response: Propositions from field exercises
In this paper, we provide an overview of the relevant obstacles and challenges by examining existing literature and investigating a series of multi-agency disaster management exercises, using observations and a survey. Expand
Blockchain in government: Benefits and implications of distributed ledger technology for information sharing
We present a critical assessment of the often exaggerated benefits of blockchain technology found in the literature and discuss their implications for governmental organizations and processes. Expand
Socio-technical Impediments of Open Data
There is an increasing demand for opening data provided by public and private organisations. Various organisations have already started to publish their data and potentially there are many benefitsExpand
Realizing joined-up government - Dynamic capabilities and stage models for transformation
In this paper, a five-stage model is presented that describes the progression from stove-piped situations towards a nationwide, customer-oriented, and joined-up government. Expand
Open data policies, their implementation and impact: A framework for comparison
This paper develops a framework for comparing open data policies. Expand
Innovation with open data: Essential elements of open data ecosystems
Open data ecosystems are expected to bring many advantages, such as stimulating citizen participation and innovation. Expand
Acceptance and use predictors of open data technologies: Drawing upon the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology
An analysis of the predictors that influence the acceptance and use of open data technologies can be used to stimulate the use of these technologies. Expand
Challenges for adopting cloud-based software as a service (saas) in the public sector
SaaS is a new service delivery model in which a service provider is delivering its electronic services over the web to many users on a pay per use or period basis. Expand