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Presentism and relativity
In this critical notice we argue against William Craig's recent attempt to reconcile presentism (roughly, the view that only the present is real) with relativity theory. Craig's defense of hisExpand
Drawing the line between kinematics and dynamics in special relativity
In his book, Physical Relativity, Harvey Brown challenges the orthodox view that special relativity is preferable to those parts of Lorentz’s classical ether theory it replaced because it revealedExpand
Reconsidering a Scientific Revolution: The Case of Einstein versus Lorentz
Abstract. The relationship between Albert Einstein's special theory of relativity and Hendrik A. Lorentz's ether theory is best understood in terms of competing interpretations of Lorentz invariance.Expand
COI Stories: Explanation and Evidence in the History of Science
  • M. Janssen
  • Sociology
  • Perspectives on Science
  • 1 December 2002
This paper takes as its point of departure two striking incongruities between scientific practice and trends in modern history and philosophy of science. (1) Many modern historians of science are soExpand
The collected papers of Albert Einstein
List of Texts xiii List of Illustrations xxxiii INTRODUCTORY MATERIAL Introduction to Volume 14 xxxv Editorial Method of the Series lxxxv Acknowledgments xciii Note on the Translation xcv List ofExpand
The attraction of gravitation : new studies in the history of general relativity
PART 1 DISPUTES WITH EINSTEIN: Einstein and Nordstrom - Some Lesser Known Thought Experiments in Gravitation, John D. Norton Out of the Labyrinth? Einstein, Hertz, and the Gottingen Answer to theExpand
Of pots and holes: Einstein's bumpy road to general relativity
Readers of this volume will notice that it contains only a few papers on general relativity. This is because most papers documenting the genesis and early development of general relativity were notExpand
What did Einstein know and when did He know it? A Besso Memo Dated August 1913
The Nachlass of Einstein’s close friend and confidant Michele Besso (1873–1955) contains four pages, written on a folded sheet, with what appear to be Besso’s notes of discussions with Einstein aboutExpand
Pascual Jordan's resolution of the conundrum of the wave-particle duality of light
Abstract In 1909, Einstein derived a formula for the mean square energy fluctuation in black-body radiation. This formula is the sum of a wave term and a particle term. In a key contribution to theExpand