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Comparison of well-mixed and multiple representative interactive flamelet approaches for diesel spray combustion modelling
The application of detailed chemistry to the computational fluid dynamics simulation of combustion process in diesel engines has many potentials, including the possibility to predict auto-ignition,Expand
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Diesel flame lift-off stabilization in the presence of laser-ignition: a numerical study
Diesel flame lift-off and stabilization in the presence of laser-ignition were numerically investigated with the method of Eulerian stochastic fields. The aim was to scrutinise the interactionExpand
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A multi-zone chemistry mapping approach for direct numerical simulation of auto-ignition and flame propagation in a constant volume enclosure
A direct numerical simulation (DNS) coupling with multi-zone chemistry mapping (MZCM) is presented to simulate flame propagation and auto-ignition in premixed fuel/air mixtures. In the MZCM approach,Expand
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Large eddy simulation of n-Dodecane spray combustion in a high pressure combustion vessel
Autoignition and stabilization of n-Dodecane spray combustion under diesel engine like conditions are investigated using large eddy simulation and detailed chemical kinetics. The Spray A cases ofExpand
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Microgravity experiments of single droplet combustion in oscillatory flow at elevated pressure
An experimental study for 1-butanol single droplet flames in constant and oscillatory flow fields was conducted under microgravity conditions at elevated pressure. In the constant flow experiments,Expand
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Investigation of Chemical Kinetics on Soot Formation Event of n-Heptane Spray Combustion
In this reported work, 2-dimsensional computational fluid dynamics studies of n-heptane combustion and soot formation processes in the Sandia constant-volume vessel are carried out. The key interestExpand
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Large Eddy Simulation of Air Entrainment and Mixing in Reacting and Non-Reacting Diesel Sprays
Large eddy simulation is performed to investigate air entrainment and mixing in diesel sprays with and without combustion. The Spray A case of the Engine Combustion Network (ECN) is considered in theExpand
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Multidimensional chemistry coordinate mapping approach for combustion modelling with finite-rate chemistry
A multidimensional chemistry coordinate mapping (CCM) approach is presented for efficient integration of chemical kinetics in numerical simulations of turbulent reactive flows. In CCM the flowExpand
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Effects of EGR on the structure and emissions of diesel combustion
Effects of exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR) on the structure and emissions of n-heptane diesel combustion are numerically investigated. Two cases with different volumetric oxygen concentrations of 21%Expand
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