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Antigenic Profiling of Glioma Cells to Generate Allogeneic Vaccines or Dendritic Cell–Based Therapeutics
Purpose: Allogeneic glioma cell lines that are partially matched to the patient at class I human leukocyte antigen (HLA) loci and that display tumor-associated antigens (TAA) or antigenic precursorsExpand
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Macrophage colony stimulating factor: not just for macrophages anymore! A gateway into complex biologies.
Macrophage colony stimulating factor (M-CSF, also called colony stimulating factor-1) has traditionally been viewed as a growth/differentiation factor for monocytes, macrophages, and someExpand
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Vascular approach to gastroduodenal ulceration: new studies with endothelins and VEGF.
Endothelins (ET) and VEGF/VPF (vascular endothelial growth factor/vascular permeability factor) are products mainly of endothelial cells, which are also regulated via autocrine and paracrine pathwaysExpand
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The selective growth of murine newborn-derived suppressor cells and their probable mode of action.
Naturally occurring suppressor cells residing in the spleens of newborn mice of less than 5 days old are known to suppress various lymphocyte activities. A population of these suppressor cells can beExpand
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Ginger's (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) inhibition of rat colonic adenocarcinoma cells proliferation and angiogenesis in vitro
Ginger's (Zingiber officinale Roscoe) natural bioactives, specifically ginger extract and 6‐gingerol, were measured for their in vitro inhibition of two key aspects of colon cancer biology – cancerExpand
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Molecular Mechanisms of Paraptosis Induction: Implications for a Non-Genetically Modified Tumor Vaccine
Paraptosis is the programmed cell death pathway that leads to cellular necrosis. Previously, rodent and human monocytes/macrophages killed glioma cells bearing the membrane macrophage colonyExpand
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Tumor antigen precursor protein profiles of adult and pediatric brain tumors identify potential targets for immunotherapy
Objectives We evaluated and compared tumor antigen precursor protein (TAPP) profiles in adult and pediatric brain tumors of 31 genes related to tumor associated antigens (TAA) for possible use inExpand
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Human monocytes kill M-CSF-expressing glioma cells by BK channel activation
In this study, human monocytes/macrophages were observed to kill human U251 glioma cells expressing membrane macrophage colony-stimulating factor (mM-CSF) via a swelling and vacuolization processExpand
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Effect of cysteamine on redox-sensitive thiol-containing proteins in the duodenal mucosa.
Recent studies from our laboratory demonstrated that Egr-1 is upregulated in the rat duodenal mucosa during cysteamine-induced duodenal ulceration and that antisense egr-1 oligonucleotide aggravatesExpand
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Cellular and vaccine therapeutic approaches for gliomas
Despite new additions to the standard of care therapy for high grade primary malignant brain tumors, the prognosis for patients with this disease is still poor. A small contingent of clinicalExpand
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