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Heterogeneity in distribution of constitutive heterochromatin in four species of birds
Like mammals, where almost all the centromeres are C-band positive, in birds there is an obvious heterogeneity in the distribution of heterochromatin, and except in the pigeon, C-bands are localised mainly on the macro.chromosomes, whereas in the pigeons the micro-chromosome are predominantly C- band positive. Expand
Radioprotective effect of six chemicals against X-ray-induced genetic damage in D. melanogaster
10-m M solution of reduced glutathione (GSH) provided statistically significant protection against sex-linked recessive lethals in all broods and 2-Aminoethyl isothiuronium Br·HBr (AET) showed a statistically significant protective effect when the data of the replicate experiments were pooled. Expand
5-Bromodeoxyuridine substitution and differential radiosensitivity of uni- and bi-filar chromatids.
  • M. Jacob
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Mutation research
  • 1 February 1982
The differential sensitivity obtained in an earlier study was interpreted as due to depletion of BrdU during the second cycle leading to the formation of TT-TB chromatids, which were actually uniand bi-filarly substituted. Expand