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Economic production quantity model for items with imperfect quality
Abstract The assumptions necessary to justify the use of economic production quantity (EPQ/EOQ) models are rarely met. To provide mathematical models that more closely conform to actual inventoriesExpand
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Economic order quantity for items with imperfect quality: Revisited
We rectify a flaw in an economic order quantity (EOQ) model with unreliable supply, characterized by a random fraction of imperfect quality items and a screening process, developed by Salameh andExpand
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Coordinating a three-level supply chain with multiple suppliers, a vendor and multiple buyers
This paper investigates the coordination of order quantities amongst the players in a three-level supply chain with a centralized decision process. The first level of the supply chain consists ofExpand
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Environmentally responsible inventory models: Non-classical models for a non-classical era
Mathematical models of inventory typically include the three inventory associated costs of surplus, shortage and ordering. These classic inventory models are then analysed so as to choose inventoryExpand
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Incorporating human factors in order picking planning models: framework and research opportunities
Order picking (OP) activities, essential to logistics operations, are laborious and time-intensive. Humans are central actors in the OP process and determine both OP effectiveness and efficiency.Expand
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Lot sizing with learning and forgetting in set-ups and in product quality
Abstract Managers at manufacturing firms make every effort to improve the performance of their operations through the adoption of continuous improvement programmes, e.g. reducing set-ups times,Expand
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A production/remanufacturing inventory model with price and quality dependant return rate
Inventory management of produced, remanufactured/repaired and returned items has been receiving increasing attention in recent years. The available studies in the literature consider a productionExpand
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Production breaks and the learning curve: The forgetting phenomenon
Abstract In this paper, the forgetting slope is shown to be mathematically dependent on the following factors: 1. (1) the learning slope, 2. (2) the quantity produced to date, and 3. (3) the minimumExpand
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A review of the extensions of a modified EOQ model for imperfect quality items
Imperfect items in the raw material and production stages of a supply chain directly impact the coordination of the product flow within a supply chain. In response to this concern, production andExpand
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The EOQ repair and waste disposal model with switching costs
This paper addresses the problem of determining the optimal batch sizes for production and recovery in an EOQ (economic order/production quantity) repair and waste disposal model context. This paperExpand
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