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Factors affecting construction labour productivity for Malaysian residential projects
Purpose – Construction labour productivity is of great interest to practitioners and researchers because it affects project cost and time overrun. This paper evaluates and ranks the importance,Expand
Construction performance comparison between conventional and industrialised building systems in Malaysia
Purpose – Labour usage represents one of the critical elements in the Malaysia construction industry due to severe shortage of local workers. This paper aims to present a construction performanceExpand
A New Engineering Education Model for Malaysia
The role of Malaysian engineers in the development of industries, infrastructures and ensuring the general well-being of the country, cannot be underestimated However, since engineers have been leftExpand
The essential characteristics of industrialised building system
In essence, the growing demand for affordable housing, increasing construction costs, lower productivity rate, and heightened concern for energy-efficiency has prompted the Malaysia’s constructionExpand
Strength correlation between individual block, prism and basic wall panel for load bearing interlocking mortarless hollow block masonry
This paper focuses on the development of the compressive strength correlation between the individual block, prism and basic wall panel for load bearing interlocking hollow mortarless blocks. TheExpand
Behaviour of interlocking mortarless block masonry
Various types of interlocking mortarless (dry-stacked) block masonry system have been developed worldwide. However, the characteristics of dry joints under compressive load, and their effect on theExpand
Development of finite element computer code for thermal analysis of roller compacted concrete dams
This paper deals with the development of a finite element based computer code for the determination of temperatures within the dam body. Expand
The Contractor Perception Towers Industrialised Building System Risk in Construction Projects in Malaysia
The use of IBS (Industrialised Building System) has attracted a lot of countries like Singapore, Sweden, Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom. This system can replace the conventional buildingExpand
Reusability of sewage sludge in clay bricks
Bricks produced from sewage sludge in different compositions were investigated. Results of the tests indicated that the sludge proportion is a key factor in determining the brick quality. IncreasingExpand
This paper describes the experiences of Malaysia in the adoption of industrialised building system (IBS). The idea of using IBS in Malaysia was first mooted during the early sixties when the MinisterExpand