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Localization of endoplasmic reticulum in living and glutaraldehyde-fixed cells with fluorescent dyes
Certain fluorescent dyes, previously reported to localize mitochondria, when used at higher concentrations also localize a continuous net-like structure in both living and glutaraldehyde-fixed cells.Expand
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The Present and Future Role of Insect-Resistant Genetically Modified Maize in IPM
Commercial, genetically-modified (GM) maize was first planted in the United States (USA, 1996) and Canada (1997) but now is grown in 13 countries on a total of over 35 million hectares (>24% of areaExpand
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A Conceptual Framework for Studying the Sources of Variation in Program Effects
Evaluations of public programs in many fields reveal that different types of programs (or different versions of the same program) vary in their effectiveness. Expand
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The Clustering of America
According to Michael J. Weiss, your neighborhood reveals what you eat, drink, drive--and even what you think. A graphic portrait of the nation's neighborhoods, from Blue Blood Estates to PublicExpand
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More Guidance, Better Results? Three-Year Effects of an Enhanced Student Services Program at Two Community Colleges
In this program, low-income students received enhanced student services and were eligible for a modest stipend for two semesters. The program improved academic outcomes in the second semester andExpand
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The Impact of Learning Communities for Students in Developmental Education
Community colleges play a vital role in postsecondary education, enrolling more than one in every three postsecondary students. While their importance has grown over the past 50 years, theirExpand
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The Clustered World : How We Live, What We Buy, and What It All Means About Who We Are
Michael Weiss expands on the geodemographics of The Clustering of America with this fascinating look at the sixty-two new lifestyle "clusters" that define who we are by what we buy. Clustering hasExpand
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Using Multisite Experiments to Study Cross-Site Variation in Treatment Effects: A Hybrid Approach With Fixed Intercepts and a Random Treatment Coefficient
ABSTRACT The present article considers a fundamental question in evaluation research: “By how much do program effects vary across sites?” The article first presents a theoretical model of cross-siteExpand
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A Random Assignment Evaluation of Learning Communities at Kingsborough Community College—Seven Years Later
Abstract: Community colleges play a vital role in higher education, enrolling more than one in every three postsecondary students. While their market share has grown over the past 50 years, students’Expand
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