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Electrical Contact Resistance and Device Lifetime Measurements of Au-RuO2-Based RF MEMS Exposed to Hydrocarbons in Vacuum and Nitrogen Environments
Electrical Contact Resistance (ECR) measurements are reported for RF micro-electromechanical switches with Au-RuO2 contacts, situated within an ultrahigh vacuum system equipped with in situ oxygenExpand
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Bioengineering the Lung : Molecules , Materials , Matrix , Morphology , and Mechanics Development and characterization of a 3 D multicell microtissue culture model of airway smooth muscle
Adrian R. West, Nishat Zaman, Darren J. Cole, Matthew J. Walker, Wesley R. Legant, Thomas Boudou, Christopher S. Chen, John T. Favreau, Glenn R. Gaudette, Elizabeth A. Cowley, and Geoffrey N. MaksymExpand
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Contact voltage-induced softening of RF microelectromechanical system gold-on-gold contacts at cryogenic temperatures
A series of experiments were performed in vacuum environments to investigate the impact of rf micromechanical system switch contact voltage versus resistance for gold-on-gold contacts at cryogenicExpand
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The giant magnetoresistance of Co/Cu superlattices grown by MBE
Abstract We report the first observation of a giant magnetoresistance (MR) in Co/Cu superlattices grown by MBE. The maximum value of the MR is - 26% and this is found in a specimen for which theExpand
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Impact of adsorbed organic monolayers on vacuum electron tunneling contributions to electrical resistance at an asperity contact
Electrical contact resistance measurements are reported for RF micro-electromechanical switches situated within an ultrahigh vacuum system equipped with in situ oxygen plasma cleaning capabilities.Expand
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A Procedure for Force-Balancing Planar Linkages Using Counterweights
This paper presents a procedure for obtaining the conditions for a full force-balance of a planar linkage with the minimum number of counterweights and keeps the added inertia low. Expand
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Systematic study of molecular beam epitaxy growth and magnetic properties of Fe on Au(111)
We have grown a series of Fe samples on Au(111) by molecular beam epitaxy. Fe was grown on Au at 30 °C and shows clear reflection high energy electron diffraction (RHEED) oscillations up to 8Expand
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Giant magnetoresistance in melt‐spun Cu87Co13
Results for the temperature and magnetic‐field dependence of melt‐spun Cu87Co13 are presented and discussed. The magnetoresistance of the as‐spun sample exhibits superparamagnetic behavior with aExpand
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Permeability impairment around boreholes in micaceous aquiferes
Abstract A number of possible mechanisms, both physical and chemical, are postulated as being potentially damaging to borehole performance in micaceous aquifers. Laboratory studies have beenExpand
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