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A Comprehensive Grammar to Hammurabi's Stele
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Comparing Smooth Arm Movements with the Two-Thirds Power Law and the Related Segmented-Control Hypothesis
The movements of the human arm have been extensively studied for a variety of goal-directed experimental tasks. Analyses of the trajectory and velocity of the arm have led to many hypotheses for theExpand
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Adenosine A1 receptor activation mediates the developmental shift at layer 5 pyramidal cell synapses and is a determinant of mature synaptic strength
•  Neocortical layer 5 pyramidal cell synapses exhibit a developmental reduction in neurotransmitter release probability. Mature synapses are weaker, less reliable and show greater facilitation thanExpand
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Matched Pre- and Post-Synaptic Changes Underlie Synaptic Plasticity over Long Time Scales
Modifications of synaptic efficacies are considered essential for learning and memory. However, it is not known how the underlying functional components of synaptic transmission change over long timeExpand
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Velocity and curvature in human locomotion along complex curved paths: a comparison with hand movements
Abstract There is extensive experimental evidence linking instantaneous velocity to curvature in drawing and hand-writing movements. The empirical relationship between these characteristics of motionExpand
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Localized adenosine signaling provides fine-tuned negative feedback over a wide dynamic range of neocortical network activities.
Although the patterns of activity produced by neocortical networks are now better understood, how these states are activated, sustained, and terminated still remains unclear. Negative feedback by theExpand
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The dynamics of single spike‐evoked adenosine release in the cerebellum
Adenosine modulates brain activity in both health and disease. Although we know a lot about adenosine action, we know little about how it is released and its cellular sources. We have previouslyExpand
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On the Emulation of Natural Movements by Humanoid Robots
Proposed movement-planning strategies from the field of human motor control are examined for possible emulation by robotic systems. There are many hypotheses for human arm-movement planning, oftenExpand
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A commentary on the Qur'ān
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