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Measurement of the modal shapes of inhomogeneous cantilevers using optical beam deflection
The study of free vibrations of systems such as simple cantilevers has been mainly concerned with the determination of the eigenvalues (frequencies) and eigenfunctions (modal shapes). A technique hasExpand
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Experimental investigation of optimum thickness of a piezoelectric element for cantilever actuation
Piezoelectric elements may be used as actuators to control a wide range of structures. The magnitude of deflection which is possible for a cantilever is a direct function of the ratio of theExpand
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Abstract The deflection control of a small cantilever is described, which operates using a single active piezoelectric element and optical vibration sensing, so that unwanted vibrations in theExpand
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Cantilever vibration control by electrostatic actuation for magnetic force microscopy
Abstract Vibration noise reduction has been achieved in non-contact magnetic imaging using magnetic force microscopy by feeding back the inverted noise signal as an electrostatic force between theExpand
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The use of composite piezoelectric thick films for actuation and control of miniature cantilevers
Abstract A control and actuation system is described which utilises a single active piezoelectric composite thick film and optical vibration sensing. This system enables unwanted vibrations of theExpand
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The preparation of piezoceramic–polymer thick films and their application as micromechanical actuators
Abstract There is currently considerable interest in the development of piezoelectric materials with properties that cannot at present be attained with single-phase materials. Composite piezoelectricExpand
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A differential interferometer for scanning force microscopy
A magnetic force instrument is described which makes use of a differential interferometer which can be used with a very short length cantilever in the force detection assembly. Conventional methodsExpand
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The use of sputtered ZnO piezoelectric thin films as broad-band microactuators
Abstract An actuation system is described which utilizes a single active ZnO piezoelectric thin film deposited onto a silicon cantilever. The method for obtaining films for effective actuation byExpand
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An investigation of voided PVdF after exposure to high‐pressure pulses
The effect of high‐pressure (0–75 MPa) pulses on the piezoelectric properties of voided PVdF film has been investigated. The SEM micrographs show that microvoids still exist in the material afterExpand
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