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Temperature and moisture effects on the production of dissolved organic carbon in a Spodosol
Leaching of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) from the forest floor is an important C flux and influences other biogeochemical fluxes in forests. To determine what controls the quantity and quality ofExpand
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Carbon mobilization from the forest floor under red spruce in the northeastern U.S.A.
Global climate change may alter soil temperature and moisture conditions, increasing the need to understand how these basic factors affect C dynamics. This is particularly important in borealExpand
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Patterns of nitrogen availability within a forested watershed exhibiting symptoms of nitrogen saturation
Watershed 4 (WS 4) at the Fernow experimental forest in West Virginia shows several symptoms of N saturation. Surprisingly, however, past measurements of N2O production suggest that a portion of WS 4Expand
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Nitrification potentials and landscape, soil and vegetation characteristics in two Central Appalachian watersheds differing in NO3− export
Two watersheds within 1 km of each other in the Central Appalachian mountains of West Virginia have similar management histories and receive 13 kg of N in atmospheric deposition, but NO3 � exportExpand
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Dynamics of extractable organic carbon in Spodosol forest floors
Abstract Transport of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) from the forest floor to the mineral soil in Spodosols affects many biogeochemical processes. The nature of the C reservoir in organic soilExpand
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Nitrogen Retention Capacity of a Northern Hardwood Forest Soil Under Ammonium Sulfate Additions
To determine the N-retaining capacity of a beech-dominated stand in the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, we added (NH{sub 4}){sub 2}SO{sub 4} at three levels (40, 160 and 520 kg N{center_dot}ha{supExpand
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Nitrous oxide production in two forested watersheds exhibiting symptoms of nitrogen saturation
A major concern about N saturation is that it may increase the production of a strong greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide (N2O). We measured N2O production in two forested watersheds, a young, fertilizedExpand
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Stable sulfur isotopic biogeochemistry of the Hubbard Brook Experimental Forest, New Hampshire
In natural ecosystems, differences often exist in the relative abundanceof stable S isotopes (°34S) that can provide clues as tothe source, nature, and cycling of S. Values of °34S inprecipitation,Expand
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Microclimatic control of microbial C, N, and P pools in Spodosol Oa horizons
Nous avons examine les effets de l'humidite et de la temperature du sol sur C, N et P labiles (methode de fumigation et d'extraction au CHCl 3 ) dans les horizons Oa de deux Spodosols. LaExpand
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Fractionation of dissolved organic carbon in soil water: Effects of extraction and storage methods
Abstract We measured the concentration and composition (sensu Leenheer, 1981) of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) in lysimeter solutions from the forest floor of a spruce stand in Maine and inExpand
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