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A novel fermentation pathway in anEscherichia coli mutant producing succinic acid, acetic acid, and ethanol
The data support the emergence in E.coli of a novel succinic acid:acetic acid:ethanol fermentation pathway, and the mutant strain named AFP111, fermented glucose more slowly than did its wild-type ancestor, strain W1485, and generated a very different spectrum of products. Expand
Recombinant E-peptides of pro-IGF-I have mitogenic activity.
Results suggest that E-peptides of rainbow trout pro-IGF-I possess mitogenic activity in heterologous systems. Expand
The study of magnetorheology of iron oxide nanowires
In this work, circular Fe3O4 particles with a diameter of 24nm and quasicircular Fe3O4 particles with a diameter of 10nm were synthesized using peptization and coprecipitation methods, respectively.Expand
Synthesis, characterization and thermal decomposition of SbIII-M-SbIII type trinuclear complexes of ethylenediamine-N, N, N′, N′-tetraacetate (M:Co(II), La(III), Nd(III), Dy(III))
Four ethylenediamine-N,N,N′,N′-tetraacetate complexes with Sb(III)-M-Sb(III) polynuclear structure (M=Co(II), La(III), Nd(III), Dy(III)) are synthesized. [Sb2-μ4-(EDTA)2Co(H2O)2]·5.15H2O isExpand
Novel phosphate mimetics for the design of non-peptidyl inhibitors of protein tyrosine phosphatases.
The alpha, alpha-difluorosulfonates and alpha,alpha- difluorotetrazoles were found to be more effective inhibitors than the analogous compounds bearing the fluoromalonyl group, a phosphate biostere currently being used for PTP inhibition. Expand
Fungal biodegradation of lignopolystyrene graft copolymers
White rot basidiomycetes were able to biodegrade styrene (1-phenylethene) graft copolymers of lignin containing different proportions of lignin and polystyrene [poly(1-phenylethylene)]. TheExpand
Total synthesis of (+)-blastmycinone, (-)-litsenolide C1, and related natural trisubstituted lactones via alkynyltungsten compounds.
A general method for total synthesis of natural trisubstituted gamma-lactones is developed on the basis of the chemistry of alkynyltungsten compounds, and the natural (-)-litsenolide C1 can be prepared in a few steps. Expand
Hydrogen production from formic acid solution by modified TiO2 and titanate nanotubes in a two-step system under visible light irradiation.
This study investigated the photocatalytic conversion of FA solution to hydrogen using visible light with several types of hydrogen catalysts and showed that the yield of hydrogen was much higher than with CdS/TiO2 + WO3. Expand