M. J. Acea

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Microbe-assisted phytoremediation is particularly effective for organic pollutants. The leguminous shrub Cytisus striatus (Hill) Rothm. has been proposed as a candidate species for the(More)
Bacterial strains were isolated from the rhizosphere of three populations of the Ni-hyperaccumulator Alyssum serpyllifolium subsp. lusitanicum (A. pintodasilvae; M, S, and L), one population of(More)
Inoculation of plants with their associated microorganisms is a promising strategy for improving phytoremediation of organic contaminants. Isolation and characterisation of these organisms from(More)
In this study we determine culturable microbial densities (total heterotrophs, ammonifiers, amylolytics and cellulolytics) and bacterial resistance to Co, Cr, and Ni in bulk and rhizosphere soils of(More)
The plant-microorganism-soil system of three pseudometallophytes (Betula celtiberica, Cytisus scoparius and Festuca rubra) growing in a Pb/Zn mine was characterised. Plant metal accumulation, soil(More)
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