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Fluorescence Quenching and Solvation Processes of Fluorenone and 4-hydroxyfluorenone in Binary Solvents
Steady state and time-resolved spectroscopic measurements of fluorenone and 4-hydroxyfluorenone dissolved in binary nonpolar, polar and polar protic mixed solvents have been performed at room
The Red-edge Effect in the Spectra of Fluorenone and 4-Hydroxyfluorenone Alcohol Solutions
Photophysical parameters of fluorenone and 4-hydroxyfluorenone have been studied in various solvents using steady state and time-resolved spectroscopic measurements. The fluorescence spectrum of both
Evidences of Conformational Fluctuations of 2-methylaminofluorenone and 2-dimethylaminofluorenone in Polar Solvents
The absorption and fluorescence spectra of 2-methylaminofluorenone (2MAFl) and 2-dimethylaminofluorenone (2DMAFl) were determined at 293 K in a variety of solvents with different polarities. The