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Modeling and control of a new horizontal-shaft hybrid-type magnetic bearing
A model for the horizontal-shaft hybrid magnetic bearing system has been developed and includes the effect of the rotor dynamics and the electromagnetic forces and an integral servocontroller was designed to stabilize the axial position. Expand
Novel Method of Lactic Acid Production by Electrodialysis Fermentation
It was concluded that the continuation of fermentation activity was obtained, and the productivity was three times higher than in non-pH-controlled fermentation, on account of alleviating the lactic acid inhibitory effect by electrodialysis fermentation. Expand
Eddy current testing probe composed of planar coils
This paper presents a new eddy-current probe composed of a micro-planar mesh coil and meander coil. The probe can be used to detect the existence and the size of cracks in metallic structures.Expand
Ethanol-induced water stress and fungal growth
Abstract Fungal growth inhibition by ethanol was compared with that caused by five other agents of water stress (at 25, 40 and 42.5°C), using Aspergillus oryzae . Ethanol, KCl, glycerol, glucose,Expand
Analysis, design and experimental results for a passive current limiting device
The authors report on the development of a passive magnetic fault current limiter (FCL) with the following attributes: compactness, small size, reliable and fail-safe operation, and zero reset time.Expand
Performance of repulsive type magnetic bearing system under nonuniform magnetization of permanent magnet
A permanent magnet bearing system utilizes the repulsive forces between the stator and rotor permanent magnets (PM) for the levitation of the system and it results a simplified axial control scheme.Expand
Application of Electro-energizing Method to l-Glutamic Acid Fermentation
An electro-energizing fermentation (E-E F) method has been developed and was applied to l-glutamic acid fermentation by Brevibacterium flavum No. 2247, resulting in about a 10% increase in yield of l-Glu. Expand
Eddy-current testing probe with spin-valve type GMR sensor for printed circuit board inspection
This paper proposes an eddy-current testing (ECT) probe composed of a spin-valve giant magnetoresistance (SV-GMR) sensor and a meander coil for the inspection of bare printed circuit board. TheExpand
Built-in electrodialysis batch culture, a new approach to release of end product inhibition
Abstract Electrodialysis fermentation (ED-F) was carried out to study the kinetic analysis of the release of end product inhibition in l -lactate fermentation. The l -lactate was continuouslyExpand
Purification and Characterization of Glutamate Decarboxylase from Aspergillus oryzae
The purified glutamate decarboxylase (GAD) from Aspergillus oryzae was purified by ammonium sulfate at 30–70% saturation and chromatographies on Sephacryl S-300, DEAE-FF and CM-FF, suggesting that purified GAD had a hexameric structure. Expand