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Application of synthetic wax for improvement of foamed bitumen parameters
Abstract The aim of the research was to evaluate the properties of foamed bitumen, produced from a Fischer–Tropsch synthetic wax modified 50/70 penetration grade bitumen for use as a binder in roadExpand
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Rheological characteristics of synthetic wax-modified asphalt binders
This paper presents the test results of modification of bitumen 35/50 with synthetic aliphatic wax (SW) obtained during the Fisher-Tropsha synthesis. The aim of the modification is an improvement ofExpand
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Optimization of the Synthetic Wax Content on Example of Bitumen 35/50☆
Abstract The paper presents the results of the bitumen studies, including the U.S. MSCR procedures describing bitumen creep under dynamic loading. It permits predicting the possibility of the damageExpand
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Laboratory Study on Mechanical Parameters of Foamed Bitumen Mixtures in the Cold Recycling Technology
Abstract The paper presents the results of laboratory testing of the physical and mechanical parameters of the recycled material using the foamed bitumen and resistance to the action of water. TheExpand
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Synthetic Wax Effect on the Resilient Stiffness Modulus of Asphalt Concrete
The paper presents results of research according to American MSCR procedures specifying the bitumen creep under dynamic loading. This method allows, on the basis of the characteristics of the binder,Expand
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Inactive Mineral Filler as a Stiffness Modulus Regulator in Foamed Bitumen-Modified Recycled Base Layers
The article presents the results of a cold recycled mix test with a foam bitumen including the addition of the inactive mineral filler as a dust of basalt. Basalt dust was derived from dedustingExpand
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The use of gabbro dust in the cold recycling of asphalt paving mixes with foamed bitumen
*e-mail: iwanski@tu.kielce.pl Abstract. Mineral fines are a waste product of aggregate production in quarries and asphalt mixing plants. The incorporation of mineral gabbro dust into foam bitumenExpand
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Bitumen Foaming Optimisation Process on the Basis of Rheological Properties
This article discusses the results of bitumen foam properties optimisation with respect to three factors: air pressure, bitumen temperature and amount of water. The test materials were unmodifiedExpand
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