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Croatian aquatic dance flies (Diptera: Empididae: Clinocerinae and Hemerodromiinae): species diversity, distribution and relationship to surrounding countries.
The Croatian species assemblage is similar to the well-studied fauna of neighboring Slovenia, and it is recommended that some rare species and the streams they inhabit should be considered for greater protection.
Assessment of genotoxic potency of sulfate-rich surface waters on medicinal leech and human leukocytes using different versions of the Comet assay.
The results indicate the need for in situ monitoring and purification of gypsum mine water prior to its release in the natural environment and assume genotoxicity was a consequence both of direct (single- and double-strand DNA breaks) and indirect effects (oxidative damage) caused by the combined effects of all contaminants present in the tested water samples.
Hydrometeorological multi-model ensemble simulations of the 4 November 2011 flash flood event in Genoa, Italy, in the framework of the DRIHM Project
Abstract. The e-Science environment developed in the framework of the EU-funded DRIHM project was used to demonstrate its ability to provide relevant, meaningful hydrometeorological forecasts. This
Environmental drivers of biotic traits and phenology patterns of Diptera assemblages in karst springs: The role of canopy uncovered
It is concluded that at springs with similar water characteristics, canopy coverage is the main driver of Diptera assemblage structure, with water velocity as a complementary factor, andstrate and other physicochemical factors seem less important.
Environmental control of emergence patterns: Case study of changes in hourly and daily emergence of aquatic insects at constant and variable water temperatures
New insight is given into the complexity of relationships between aquatic insect emergence patterns and environmental drivers, and light and weather conditions trigger emergence of most insects under constant water temperature conditions, while temperature is a dominant trigger at variable water temperature habitat.
Aquatic insects in the Dinarides: identifying hotspots of endemism and species richness shaped by geological and hydrological history using Empididae (Diptera)
We identify local hotspots of elevated species richness and endemicity of aquatic insects in the Dinarides (Balkans) using aquatic Empididae (Diptera) as models and compared observed patterns with
Environmental drivers influencing stonefly assemblages along a longitudinal gradient in karst lotic habitats
Stoneflies are among the most sensitive aquatic insect taxa and therefore arguably the best indicator of the excellent, i.e. pristine, ecological status of surface streams. Karst habitats are one of
New records of moth flies (Diptera: Psychodidae) from Croatia, with the description of Berdeniella keroveci sp.nov.
Current knowledge of the psychodid fauna of Croatia is reviewed and new records of 16 species are presented, including Berdeniella keroveci sp.
Mayfly (Insecta: Ephemeroptera) assemblages of a regulated perennial Mediterranean river system in the Western Balkans
Abstract The influences of river regulations on aquatic biota are insufficiently investigated. We assessed the level of ecological disturbance of the mayfly assemblages through the damming and flow
Aquatic dance flies fauna (Diptera, Empididae: Clinocerinae and Hemerodromiinae) of Montenegro
This study represents an important contribution to the knowledge of dance flies fauna of Montenegro and it is important reference for the distribution of Empididae on Balkan Peninsula.