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Improvement in visual sensitivity by changes in local context: Parallel studies in human observers and in V1 of alert monkeys
To explore the role of primary visual cortex in contour integration, we measured the contextual sensitivity of human contrast thresholds and of superficial layer complex cells in monkey V1. AnExpand
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Representation of Angles Embedded within Contour Stimuli in Area V2 of Macaque Monkeys
Angles and junctions embedded within contours are important features to represent the shape of objects. To study the neuronal basis to extract these features, we conducted extracellular recordingsExpand
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Columns for visual features of objects in monkey inferotemporal cortex
AT early stages of the mammalian visual cortex, neurons with similar stimulus selectivities are vertically arrayed through the thickness of the cortical sheet and clustered in patches or bands acrossExpand
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Attention Modulates Contextual Influences in the Primary Visual Cortex of Alert Monkeys
The response properties of cells in the primary visual cortex (V1) were measured while the animals directed their attention either to the position of the neuron's receptive field (RF), to a positionExpand
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Interactions between attention, context and learning in primary visual cortex
Attention in early visual processing engages the higher order, context dependent properties of neurons. Even at the earliest stages of visual cortical processing neurons play a role in intermediateExpand
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Attention and Perceptual Learning Modulate Contextual Influences on Visual Perception
Brightness discrimination thresholds and facilitation by lateral interaction were measured in five human observers and two monkeys. The subjects judged the brightness of one of four peripherally seenExpand
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Distribution of colour‐selective activity in the monkey inferior temporal cortex revealed by functional magnetic resonance imaging
Previous electrophysiological, neuroimaging and lesion studies have suggested that the anterior part of the monkey inferior temporal (IT) cortex, or area TE, plays an important role in colourExpand
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Rainbow trout SOX9: cDNA cloning, gene structure and expression.
We have isolated and characterized rainbow trout SOX9 cDNA and genomic clones. The cDNA encodes a protein of 488 amino acids (aa) with an HMG box and has 70% aa sequence identity with human SOX9. TheExpand
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A gene that is related to SRY and is expressed in the testes encodes a leucine zipper-containing protein.
SRY-related cDNA encoding a protein with a high-mobility-group (HMG) box and a leucine zipper motif, which was designated SOX-LZ, was isolated from a rainbow trout testis cDNA library. Comparison ofExpand
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Rainbow trout Sox24, a novel member of the Sox family, is a transcriptional regulator during oogenesis.
We isolated a cDNA clone encoding a novel SRY-type HMG box (Sox) protein, designated Sox24, from a rainbow trout ovary cDNA library. On the basis of the HMG box amino acid sequence, Sox24 can beExpand
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