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Abnormality Detection and Localization in Chest X-Rays using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
This work uses a publicly available Indiana CXR, JSRT and Shenzhen dataset and studied the performance of known deep convolutional network (DCN) architectures on different abnormalities to find that the same DCN architecture doesn't perform well across all abnormalities. Expand
Development of Electromagnetic Band Gap Structures in the Perspective of Microstrip Antenna Design
Electromagnetic band gap (EBG) technology has become a significant breakthrough in the radio frequency (RF) and microwave applications due to their unique band gap characteristics at certainExpand
Microstrip Line-fed Printed Planar Monopole Antenna for UWB Applications
In this study, a microstrip line-fed printed planar monopole antenna for ultra-wideband applications is presented. The proposed antenna is composed of an annular ring fed by a microstrip line and aExpand
Estimating DoA From Radio Frequency RSSI Measurements Using Multi-Element Femtocell Configuration
In this paper, a method to estimate the direction of arrival (DoA) of a radio signal using a multi-element antenna based femtocell device is presented. The femtocell estimates the DoA by identifyingExpand
Dual Band-Notch UWB Antenna With Single Tri-Arm Resonator
A microstrip line-fed planar antenna with dual notched bands is designed and prototyped for ultrawideband (UWB) communication applications. The dual band-notch characteristic is achieved by etching aExpand
Printed circular ring antenna for UWB application
A printed circular ring antenna for UWB application is proposed in this paper. The antenna structure is composed of a circular ring patch and a partial ground plane. The proposed antenna has a totalExpand
Compact metamaterial antenna for UWB applications
A compact antenna is proposed using planar-patterned metamaterial structures for ultra-wideband applications. This antenna consists of four metamaterial unit cells that simultaneously show bothExpand
The periodic structure like electromagnetic band gap (EBG) is a hot research topic in the academia and RF-microwave industry due to their extraordinary surface wave suppression property. This studyExpand
Electromagnetic Performances Analysis of an Ultra-wideband and Flexible Material Antenna in Microwave Breast Imaging: To Implement A Wearable Medical Bra
The comprehensive aim of the realized antenna is to design a biodegradable and wearable antenna-based bra for early breast cancer detection in the future. Expand
Dynamic Resource Allocation in Hybrid Access Femtocell Network
A dynamic resource allocation management algorithm (DRAMA) for spectrum shared hybrid access OFDMA femtocell network is proposed and shows that higher number of random users gets connected to the FAP without compromising FAP owners' satisfaction allowing the macrocell to offload a large number of users in a dense heterogeneous network. Expand