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Suppression of Damping-Off Disease in Host Plants by the Rhizoplane Bacterium Lysobacter sp. Strain SB-K88 Is Linked to Plant Colonization and Antibiosis against Soilborne Peronosporomycetes
ABSTRACT We previously demonstrated that xanthobaccin A from the rhizoplane bacterium Lysobacter sp. strain SB-K88 suppresses damping-off disease caused by Pythium sp. in sugar beet. In this study we
Isolation and Identification of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria from Cucumber Rhizosphere and Their Effect on Plant Growth Promotion and Disease Suppression
Cucumber plants grown from seeds that were treated with these PGPR strains displayed significantly higher levels of germination, seedling vigour, growth, and N content in root and shoot tissue compared to non-treated control plants, indicating their ability to suppress Phytophthora crown rot in cucumber.
Gageotetrins A-C, noncytotoxic antimicrobial linear lipopeptides from a marine bacterium Bacillus subtilis.
Gageotetrins A-C (1-3), a unique class of linear lipopeptides, consisting of di- and tetrapeptides and a new fatty acid were isolated from a Marine Bacillus subtilis, but these compounds failed to register any cytotoxicity against human cancer cell lines.
Molecular Identification of Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Fish Pathogenic Enterococcus faecalis and their Control by Medicinal Herbs
This is the first report on molecular identification, and herbal control of fish pathogenic E. faecalis in Bangladesh by treating disease in tilapia fish by treatment with medicinal plant extracts and exhibiting resistance to multiple antibiotics in vitro.
Chitosan biopolymer promotes yield and stimulates accumulation of antioxidants in strawberry fruit
To the best of the knowledge, this is the first report of chitosan applied on field plants providing significant improvement of both yield and health benefiting biochemical contents in strawberry fruit.
Isolation and Identification of Potential Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria from the Rhizoplane of Oryza sativa L. cv. BR29 of Bangladesh
Scanning electron microscope analysis of two-week-old rice seedlings germinated from seeds previously inoculated with BR-25 and BR-15 revealed dense colonization at the root surfaces presumably using fimbriae on the bacterial cells.
Phosphate solubilizing bacteria promote growth and enhance nutrient uptake by wheat
Phosphorus (P) fixation limits availability of P to plants in tropical soil, which is a major constraint for crop production. The aim of our research was to isolate, screen and characterize phosphate
Non-cytotoxic antifungal agents: isolation and structures of gageopeptides A-D from a Bacillus strain 109GGC020.
Four new non-cytotoxic lipopeptides are discovered from a marine-derived bacterium Bacillus subtilis, showing significant motility inhibition and lytic activities against zoospores of the late blight pathogen Phytophthora capsici, and could be promising candidates for the development of non- CYTotoxic antifungal agents.
Morphological Studies on Zoospores of Aphanomyces cochlioides and Changes during Interaction with Host Materials
This precise homing response of A. cochlioides zoospore reflects guidance by a host-specific signal(s) for locating potential infection sites, differentiation of zoospores to cystospores, formation of infection structures and/or germ-tube tropism for completing pre-infection events in haste.