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Activation of three types of voltage‐independent Ca2+ channel in A7r5 cells by endothelin‐1 as revealed by a novel Ca2+ channel blocker LOE 908
We have shown that in addition to voltage‐operated Ca2+ channel (VOC), endothelin‐1 (ET‐1) activates two types of Ca2+‐permeable nonselective cation channel (NSCC) in A7r5 cells: its lowerExpand
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Endothelium‐dependent inhibition of platelet aggregation
1 In cascade perfusion and superfusion experiments on rabbit tissues, when acetylcholine (ACh) was introduced into the circuit so as to perfuse the aorta under perfusion with noradrenaline (NA), theExpand
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Stimulation of myometrial and decidual prostaglandin production by amniotic fluid from term, but not midtrimester pregnancies.
The effect of amniotic fluid obtained from second trimester (16-20 wks) and term pregnancies (38-41 wks) on the production of PGE and F by human amnion, decidua and myometrium at term was determinedExpand
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Electrical and mechanical activity of rat uterus in vivo during the estrous cycle.
Electromyograms were obtained from three different locations on the uterus of conscious, unrestrained rats during the 4 day estrous cycle. Intrauterine pressure changes were monitored simultaneouslyExpand
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Activation of two types of Ca2+‐permeable nonselective cation channel by endothelin‐1 in A7r5 cells
1 In A7r5 cells loaded with the Ca2+ indicator fura‐2, we examined the effect of a Ca2+ channel blocker SK&F 96365 on increases in intracellular free Ca2+ concentrations ([Ca2+]i) and Mn2+ quenchingExpand
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Effects of epinephrine and oxytocin on the release of prostaglandin F from the rat uterus in vitro.
Isolated uteri from rats with regular 4-day cycles were incubated in Krebs-Ringer bicarbonate buffer and the release of PGF into the medium was measured by radioimmunoassay after extraction of theExpand
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Calcium‐dependent contractile response of arterial smooth muscle to a jellyfish toxin (pCrTX: Carybdea rastonii)
1 The purpose of the present experiments was to investigate the pharmacological mechanisms of the vasoconstriction caused by the toxin (pCrTX) which had been partially purified from the tentacles ofExpand
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Platelet aggregation caused by a partially purified jellyfish toxin from Carybdea rastonii.
A partially purified toxin (pCrTX) was obtained from the tentacles of the jellyfish, Carybdea rastonii. When pCrTX (3 X 10(-8) - 3 X 10(-7) g/ml) was added to citrated platelet-rich plasma,Expand
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Differential effects of OPC‐18790, amrinone and dobutamine on cardiac function and energy metabolism in the guinea‐pig isolated ischaemic heart
1 The effects of OPC‐18790, a novel positive inotropic agent, on cardiac function and myocardial energy metabolism in the guinea‐pig isolated heart with ischaemia were studied by 31P‐magneticExpand
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Studies on vasoactive heterocyclic compounds. Preparation and evaluation of the hypotensive and antiaggregating activities of phthalazinol nitrates.
Phthalazinol (1) was converted to phthalazinol nitrate (2) and phthalazinol dinitrate (3) by treatment with fuming nitric acid and acetic anhydride. The structures were confirmed by spectralExpand
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