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Alkynylpyrenes as improved pyrene-based biomolecular probes with the advantages of high fluorescence quantum yields and long absorption/emission wavelengths.
The photochemical properties of various alkynylpyrene derivatives have been investigated in detail with a view to developing a new class of pyrene-based biomolecular probes and the detectabilities of the labeled biomolecules were significantly improved. Expand
Saccharide recognition-induced transformation of pyridine-pyridone alternate oligomers from self-dimer to helical complex.
Co-oligomers involving (1H)-4-pyridone and 4-alkoxypyridine rings were studied, and it was found that their supramolecular transformation was caused by saccharide recognition. In the co-oligomers,Expand
Artificial DNA made exclusively of nonnatural C-nucleosides with four types of nonnatural bases.
A new class of DNA-like oligomers made exclusively of nonnatural, stable C-nucleosides that have thermal stabilities very close to those of natural duplexes and might be applied to a future extracellular genetic system with information storage and amplifiable abilities. Expand
Reversible photoregulation of helical structures in short peptides under indoor lighting/dark conditions.
A photochromic cross-linking agent with a spiropyran skeleton was developed for the reversible photoregulation of helical structures in short peptides and it was found that this switching of the helical contents could be repeated several times without substantial loss of any activity. Expand
Unambiguous detection of target DNAs by excimer-monomer switching molecular beacons.
A new class of molecular beacons were developed in which pyrene fluorophores were connected both at 3' and 5' ends of a single-stranded oligonucleotide, which can detect target 19-mer DNAs and can discriminate the targets from their single-nucleotide mismatches at 1 nM concentration. Expand
Saccharide-dependent induction of chiral helicity in achiral synthetic hydrogen-bonding oligomers.
It is found that synthetic polymers, poly- and oligo(meta-ethynylpyridine)s, are guided to helical structures by uncharged hydrogen-bonding interactions with saccharides enclosed in the inner sphere of the polymers. Expand
A doubly alkynylpyrene-threaded [4]rotaxane that exhibits strong circularly polarized luminescence from the spatially restricted excimer.
The Sonogashira coupling of γ-CD-encapsulated alkynylpyrenes with terphenyl-type stopper molecules gave a doubly alkynypyrene-threaded [4]rotaxane, which showed strong circularly polarized luminescence and may result from the two stacked pyrenes existing in the rotaxane in an asymmetrically twisted manner. Expand
Single-nucleotide polymorphism detection with "wire-like" DNA probes that display quasi "on-off" digital action.
A highly sensitive electrochemical detection of complementary DNAs (up to 43-mer) based on hole transport with molecular-scale, "wire-like" DNA probes is described and naturally occurring polymorphisms, "hot spots" from the p53 gene, could be distinguished from wild type by using the methodology. Expand