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Assessing chimpanzee personality and subjective well‐being in Japan
Comparing personality and subjective well‐being ratings of 146 chimpanzees in Japan that were housed in zoos, research institutes, and a retirement sanctuary to ratings of chimpanzees in US and Australian zoos suggests that chimpanzee personality ratings are not affected by the culture of the raters.
Mitochondrial Genome Sequences Effectively Reveal the Phylogeny of Hylobates Gibbons
Using mtDNA genome sequences to reconstruct gibbon phylogenetic relationships and reveal the pattern and timing of divergence events in gibbon evolutionary history suggests a much more rapid speciation process in Hylobates than in Nomascus.
Genetic and ‘cultural’ similarity in wild chimpanzees
It is found that genetic dissimilarity cannot be eliminated as playing a major role in generating group differences in chimpanzee behaviour, and the overall levels of genetic and behavioural Dissimilarity between groups are highly and statistically significantly correlated.
Characterization of Japanese Quail yellow as a Genomic Deletion Upstream of the Avian Homolog of the Mammalian ASIP (agouti) Gene
There are remarkable similarities between yellow in quail and lethal yellow in mouse, which involve a deletion in a similar genomic position, and the presence of ventral-specific ASIP expression in birds shows that this feature is conserved across vertebrates.
Microsatellite loci in Japanese quail and cross-species amplification in chicken and guinea fowl
The microsatellite markers reported would serve as a useful resource base for genetic mapping in quail and comparative mapping in Phasianidae and cross-species amplification of all the markers was tested with chicken and guinea fowl DNA.
A first-generation microsatellite linkage map of the Japanese quail.
A linkage map of the Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) genome was constructed based upon segregation analysis of 72 microsatellite loci in 433 F(2) progeny of 10 half-sib families obtained from a
Integrated maps in quail (Coturnix japonica) confirm the high degree of synteny conservation with chicken (Gallus gallus) despite 35 million years of divergence
It is suggested that a wealth of information can be mined in chicken, to be used for genome analyses in quail, and the alignment with the chicken chromosomes confirms the high conservation of gene order that was expected between the two species for macrochromosomes.
Evaluation of genetic diversity and conservation priorities for Egyptian chickens
Dandarawy ranked firstly and contributed the most to aggregate genetic diversity based on two prioritization methods and may be used as an initial guide to design further investigations for development of sustainable genetic improvement and conservation programs for the Egyptian chicken genetic resources.
Allelic variation of the D4 dopamine receptor polymorphic region in two dog breeds, Golden retriever and Shiba.
It is suggested that the allele frequency varied significantly between different breeds, and that analysis of the polymorphism in D4DR might be of use for understanding the behavioral traits of dogs.