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Carbon materials for electrochemical capacitors
The carbon materials used for electrochemical capacitors were reviewed and discussed the contribution of the surfaces owing to micropores and other larger pores to the capacitance and rateExpand
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Specification for a standard procedure of X-ray diffraction measurements on carbon materials
Abstract In 1963, the 117 Committee of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Sciences (JSPS) specified standard procedures for the determination of lattice constants and crystallite sizes of carbonExpand
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Carbon nanofibers prepared via electrospinning.
Carbon nanofibers prepared via electrospinning and following carbonization are summarized by focusing on the structure and properties in relation to their applications, after a brief review ofExpand
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Heavy oil sorption using exfoliated graphite: New application of exfoliated graphite to protect heavy oil pollution
Abstract The sorption behaviors of four kinds of heavy oils into exfoliated graphites with different bulk densities were studied. The maximum sorption capacity of an exfoliated graphite with a bulkExpand
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Carbon coating of anatase-type TiO2 and photoactivity
Carbon coating of photocatalytic anatase-type TiO2 powders was successfully carried out by heating a powder mixture of poly(vinyl alcohol) and TiO2 under N2 gas flow at temperatures above 700 °C. AllExpand
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Carbon foam: Preparation and application
Abstract Carbon foams are reviewed by focusing on their preparation and application. Their preparation processes are discussed by classifying them into five categories: blowing and carbonization,Expand
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Carbon-coated anatase: the role of the carbon layer for photocatalytic performance
Abstract Carbon-coated anatase-type TiO 2 was prepared by the heat treatment of powder mixtures of photocatalyst TiO 2 (ST-01) with different carbon precursors, poly(vinyl alcohol), hydroxyl propylExpand
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Photoactivity and phase stability of ZrO2-doped anatase-type TiO2 directly formed as nanometer-sized particles by hydrolysis under hydrothermal conditions
Abstract Anatase-type TiO2 doped with 4.7 and 12.4 mol% ZrO2 that were directly precipitated as nanometer-sized particles from acidic precursor solutions of TiOSO4 and Zr(SO4)2 by simultaneousExpand
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Energy Principle of Elastic-Plastic Fracture and Its Application to the Fracture Mechanics of a Polycrystalline Graphite
Utilizing loading-unloading procedures on the basis of nonlinear energy principles, an empirical method for evaluating the nonlinear fracture mechanics parameters, i.e. the nonlinear energy toughnessExpand
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Raman spectra of ground natural graphite
Abstract Structural changes in Ceylon natural graphite with grinding were studied by Raman spectroscopy along with X-ray diffraction. The natural graphite shows a single Raman band at 1580 cm−1, butExpand
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