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Fabrication of Ternary Phase Composition-Spread Thin Film Libraries and Their High-Throughput Characterization: Ti1−x−yZrxHfyO2 for Bandgap Engineering
Ternary phase composition-spread thin film libraries, TiO2-ZrO2-HfO2, were synthesized by using a combinatorial pulsed laser deposition system. The composition, crystalline structure, and opticalExpand
Low-Temperature Growth of Highly Crystalline Superconducting ZrN Thin Film on $c$-GaN Layer by Pulsed Laser Deposition
Superconducting ZrN thin films were fabricated on c-GaN/c-Al2O3 substrates at low growth temperatures ranging from 200 to 300 °C by pulsed laser deposition. ZrN(111) thin films were epitaxially grownExpand
High-throughput synthesis and characterization of Mg1−xCaxO films as a lattice and valence-matched gate dielectric for ZnO based field effect transistors
Abstract Using composition-spread technique, we have grown metastable Mg 1− x Ca x O solid solution films on ZnO layers by pulsed laser deposition. All the films exhibited (1 1 1) oriented cubicExpand
Net sputtering rate due to hot ions in a Ne-Xe discharge gas bombarding an MgO layer
An analytical method is developed for determining net sputtering rate for an MgO layer under hot ions with low energy (<100 eV) in a neon-xenon discharge gas at near-atmospheric pressure. The primaryExpand
Properties of Amorphous Silicon Layers Formed by Ion Implantation and Vapor Deposition
Amorphous silicon layers have been formed on single crystal silicon by ion implantation, vapor deposition and additional ion implantation into deposited films. Properties and crystallizationExpand
Structure of surface layers of silicon heavily implanted with Ar
A new ESR center at g=2.0029 which was first observed by Chu et al. in silicon implanted with 150‐keV argon ions to doses ≳1017 ions/cm2 has been observed, in addition to an amorphous center, in theExpand