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Occurrence of three new brassinosteroids: brassinone, (24S)-24-ethylbrassinone and 28-norbrassinolide, in higher plants
Three new brassinolide-like steroids, a new class of plant growth promoter, have been isolated from higher plants and identified as (22R, 23R)-2α, 3α, 22, 23-tetrahydroxy-B-homo-7-oxa-5α-chlestan-6-one and (24S)-24-ethylbrassinone (VI). Expand
Three Oxygenated Cyclohexenone Derivatives Produced by an Endophytic Fungus
Three cyclohexenone derivatives isolated from unpolished rice fermented with an xylariaceous endophytic fungus exhibited phytotoxic activity against lettuce and were established on the basis of spectroscopic analyses and chemical conversion. Expand
Fascicularones A and B from a mycelial culture of Naematoloma fasciculare.
Two sesquiterpenoids, fascicularones A and B, have been isolated from the culture broth of a poisonous mushroom, Naematoloma fasciculare, using spectroscopic methods. Expand
Structural Confirmation of Cotylenin A, a Novel Fusicoccane-diterpene Glycoside with Potent Plant Growth-regulating Activity from Cladosporium Fungus sp. 501-7W.
The structure of cotylenin A, a potent plant-growth stimulant with the most complex molecule in cotylenins from Cladosporium fungus sp. 501-7W, was analyzed again by HMBC experiments and X-rayExpand
A new fungal morphogenic substance, pyrenolide a from
Abstract A new ten-membered lactone, pyrenolide A, was identified as a new fungal morphogenic substance and its structure including absolute stereochemistry was elucidated.
Isolation and Identification of New Antifungal Macrophorins E, F and G as Malonyl Meroterpenes from Botryosphaeria berengeriana.
Macrophorins E, F and G were newly isolated from Botryosphaeria berengeriana, each showing potent antifungal activity similar to that of macrophorin A against phytopathogenic fungi B. berengerianaExpand