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The measurement of dissociation in normal and clinical populations. Meta-analytic validation of the dissociative experiences scale (des)
The Dissociative Experiences Scale (DES) hos now been used in over 100 studies on dissociation. This article reports on a series of meta-analyses to test some of the theoretical assumptionsExpand
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Joint book reading makes for success in learning to read
The current review is a quantitative meta-analysis of the available empirical evidence related to parent-preschooler reading and several outcome measures such as language growth, emergent literacy, and reading achievement. Expand
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Adult attachment representations, parental responsiveness, and infant attachment: a meta-analysis on the predictive validity of the adult attachment interview
: About a decade ago, the Adult Attachment Interview (AAI; C. George, N. Kaplan, & M. Main, 1985) was developed to explore parents' mental representations of attachment as manifested in languageExpand
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Cross-cultural patterns of attachment: A meta-analysis of the strange situation.
VAN IJZENDOORN, MARINUs H., and KROONENBERG, PIETER M. Cross-cultural Patterns of Attachment: A Meta-Analysis of the Strange Situation. CHILD DEVELOPMENT, 1988, 59, 147-156. Crosscultural researchExpand
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A sniff of trust: Meta-analysis of the effects of intranasal oxytocin administration on face recognition, trust to in-group, and trust to out-group
The neuropeptide oxytocin has a popular reputation of being the 'love' hormone. Here we test meta-analytically whether experiments with intranasal administration of oxytocin provide support for theExpand
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Intergenerational transmission of parenting: A review of studies in nonclinical populations
Abstract In this review, intergenerational transmission of parenting is defined as the process through which purposively or unintendedly an earlier generation psychologically influences parentingExpand
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The many faces of the Still-Face Paradigm: A review and meta-analysis
The Still-Face Paradigm (SFP) designed by Tronick, Als, Adamson, Wise, and Brazelton (Tronick, E., Als, H., Adamson, L., Wise, S., & Brazelton, T. B. (1978). Infants response to entrapment betweenExpand
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The Prevalence of Child Maltreatment across the Globe: Review of a Series of Meta‐Analyses
In this review, we combine and compare the results of a series of meta-analyses on the prevalence of child sexual, physical and emotional abuse and physical and emotional neglect, including 244Expand
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Fostering security? A meta-analysis of attachment in adopted children.
Adopted children are hypothesized to be at risk of insecure attachment relationships because of their background of institutional care, maltreatment and neglect. We conducted two series ofExpand
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