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Storage of 7 +/- 2 short-term memories in oscillatory subcycles
It is shown that activity patterns associated with multiple memories can be stored in a single neural network that exhibits nested oscillations similar to those recorded from the brain.
A Second Function of Gamma Frequency Oscillations: An E%-Max Winner-Take-All Mechanism Selects Which Cells Fire
It is argued that gamma oscillations have a second function: they select which principal cells fire through the interaction of excitation with gamma frequency feedback inhibition, and a framework for understanding the second function of gamma is developed.
The Input–Output Transformation of the Hippocampal Granule Cells: From Grid Cells to Place Fields
It is concluded that the input–output transformation of dentate granule does not depend strongly on synaptic modification; place field formation can be understood in terms of simple summation of randomly chosen excitatory inputs, in conjunction with a winner-take-all network mechanism.
Matrix Factorization using Window Sampling and Negative Sampling for Improved Word Representations
Evaluation on word similarity and analogy tasks shows that LexVec matches and often outperforms state-of-the-art methods on many of these tasks.
The brWaC Corpus: A New Open Resource for Brazilian Portuguese
In this work, we present the construction process of a large Web corpus for Brazilian Portuguese, aiming to achieve a size comparable to the state of the art in other languages. We also discuss our
Predicting the Compositionality of Nominal Compounds: Giving Word Embeddings a Hard Time
A large-scale multilingual evaluation of DSMs for predicting the degree of semantic compositionality of nominal compounds on 4 datasets for English and French shows a high correlation with human judgments, being comparable to or outperforming the state of the art for some datasets.
Enhancing the LexVec Distributed Word Representation Model Using Positional Contexts and External Memory
In this paper we take a state-of-the-art model for distributed word representation that explicitly factorizes the positive pointwise mutual information (PPMI) matrix using window sampling and
Validation and Evaluation of Automatically Acquired Multiword Expressions for Grammar Engineering
The overall conclusion is that at least two measures seem to differentiate MWEs from non-MWEs, and it is argued that such a process improves qualitatively, if a more compositional approach to grammar/lexicon automated extension is adopted.
Memory retrieval time and memory capacity of the CA3 network: role of gamma frequency oscillations.
The physiological and anatomical findings of CA3a are consistent with an autoassociative function and the autoassociation properties of dentate synapses form an integrated system for the storage and recall of item sequences.