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Multiband Spectrum Access: Great Promises for Future Cognitive Radio Networks
Cognitive radio has been widely considered as one of the prominent solutions to tackle the spectrum scarcity. While the majority of existing research has focused on single-band cognitive radio,Expand
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Signal Processing for Mobile Communications Handbook
INTRODUCTION Signal Processing for Future Mobile Communications Systems: Challenges and Perspectives Quazi Mehbubar Rahman and Mohamed Ibnkahla CHANNEL MODELING AND ESTIMATION Multipath PropagationExpand
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Applications of neural networks to digital communications - a survey
Abstract Neural networks (NNs) are able to give solutions to complex problems in digital communications due to their nonlinear processing, parallel distributed architecture, self-organization,Expand
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A Survey of Networking Challenges and Routing Protocols in Smart Grids
Smart grids (SG) represent the next step in modernizing the current electric grid. In this structure, a communications network is combined with the power grid in order to gather information that canExpand
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High-speed satellite mobile communications: technologies and challenges
Central features of future 4G mobile communication systems are high-speed data transmission (up to 1 Gb/s) and interactive multimedia services. For effective delivery of these services, the networkExpand
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Principles of MIMO-OFDM Wireless Systems
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Cognition in Wireless Sensor Networks: A Perspective
Wireless Sensor Networks are believed to be the enabling technology for Ambient Intelligence. They hold the promise of delivering to a smart communication paradigm which enables setting up anExpand
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Multiband Spectrum Sensing and Resource Allocation for IoT in Cognitive 5G Networks
The proliferation of the Internet of Things (IoT) demands a diverse and wide range of requirements in terms of latency, reliability, energy efficiency, etc. Future IoT systems must have the abilityExpand
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Connectivity Optimization for Wireless Sensor Networks Applied to Forest Monitoring
Device Deployment plays a key role in the performance of any large-scale Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) application. WSN device deployment (i.e. the numbers and positions of the devices) must considerExpand
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3D Passive Tag Localization Schemes for Indoor RFID Applications
Accurate and efficient localization of tags are of utmost importance for numerous existing and forthcoming RFID applications. In this paper, we introduce two novel methods for three dimensionalExpand
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